21 Impulse Control Games

Teach Your Dog to Be Calm, Focused and Respectful With 21 Easy to Play Training Games!

21 Games to Help Calm Your Dog & Solve Problem Behaviors

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High energy, reactive, and easily distracted dogs can make life very difficult and frustrating!

With the help of Impulse Control Games, you can retrain your dog's brain to focus, calm themselves down, and listen when you need them to!

21 Impulse Control Games can help with the following problems:

🐾 Reacting to other dogs, cars, people, etc. on or off-leash

🐾 Jumping up on guests and other people

🐾 Begging for food or table scraps

🐾 Bursting through the front door, car doors, their crate door, etc.

🐾 Chasing down cars, dogs, cats, bikes, etc.

🐾 Excessive barking and so much more!

What You'll Get With Your 21 Impulse Control Games Digital Access

Step-by-Step Guidance with Instructional Gifs & More

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  • 21 games that'll help retrain your dog's brain to be calmer and focused
  • Instructional gifs to help you visualize all the steps of each game
  • Easy to understand "levels" of advancement for each game

Lifetime Access to All 21 Games on Any Device

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  • Available worldwide and from any device with internet and a browser
  • Lifetime access with one simple purchase
  • Unlimited access on all devices from your account

Real Experiences from Dog Parents and Their Pups

β€œI've seen real improvement in the behavior of our pup, Tank. The games are easy to understand and have real-life applications, love it!”

-Katie and Tank


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β€œMaverik's been a lot to handle, to say the least. These impulse control games helped us teach him to be calmer and generally more attentive.”

-Cole and Maverik

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About The Pupford Team's Philosophy on Training

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Simply put, we're a team of dog lovers who focus on helping pup parents.

We carefully crafted these 21 games because they're proven to help improve the behavior of reactive, high energy, and distractible dogs.

We've helped to train thousands of dogs and more importantly, helped pup parents to understand how to communicate and effectively train their pups.

Our training methods never use force, aggression, or pain.

Because that stuff is a h*ckin joke.

These 21 impulse control games aren't only effective, but they're also fun and enjoyable for you and your pup.

What are you waiting for?! Boop that button below and let's start playing some impulse control games! πŸ‘‡

Teach Your Dog to Be Calm, Focused & Attentive

Will These Impulse Control Games Work for Me?

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Remember, that impulse control is a learned behavior for dogs, it's not natural and "born with them".

But, if you're willing to practice, stay patient, and work through all levels of each game, you'll see improvements in no time!

These 21 Impulse Control Games will help teach your dog to:

βœ… Not burst through doors

βœ… Go to their place when you ask

βœ… Not beg for food

βœ… Wait patiently for their meals

βœ… Be quiet when you ask and so much more!

What to Expect from the 21 Impulse Control Games Digital Access

Each game has the following:

βœ… TheΒ WHY behind each game and how it will help your dog

βœ… Breakdown of the behaviors your dog should already know and the tools you'll need to play the game

βœ… Step by step instructions (with gifs) broken down into 'levels'. Just like in Super Mario, you've gotta "beat" level 1 before you move onto level 2, 3, etc.

βœ… A general schedule for how often and how long you should play/practice each game

βœ… A "Mastery" Level to benchmark your pup's understanding of each game and know when they've "made it"

Want a mini sneak-peek of a game you'll get?! πŸ‘‡

The Open Door Policy Game Sneak Peek πŸ‘€

Level 1

Step 1- Put your dog on a leash and stand next to your front door (or back door, it's not important which one). Ask for a sit. When your dog sits, mark and reward.

Dog Sitting in Front of Door Gif | Pupford

Also, make sure to have your dog sit far enough away from the door that you could fully open it.

Step 2- Put your hand towards or on the door handle.

Door on Handle and Rewarding | Pupford

If your dog breaks their sit, give your "no" word and immediately redirect your dog back into a sit.

If they keep their sit, mark and reward.

Step 3- Twist the door handle as if to open it (but don't open it yet).

If your dog breaks their sit, give your "no" word and immediately redirect your dog back into a sit.

If they keep their sit, mark and reward.

Twisting Door Handle Gif | Pupford

Successful Completion of Level 1= You can put your hand on the door handle and twist (or pull) the handle while your dog stays in a sit near the door.

You're ready to move onto Level 2! (PS- If you purchase full access, you'll get Level 2 + the other 20 games!πŸ˜‰)

Mastery & Practice Schedule

Why Should You Purchase These Impulse Control Games?

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If you're frustrated with your dog's behavior, wish your dog was calmer, and overall want a more well-behaved dog... then you should purchase access to these games!

Or, if you'd rather continue being frustrated, embarrassed and upset about your dog's behavior... then don't get these impulse control games πŸ˜›

Whether you've got a big dog, small pup, or anything in between these games will help unlock their calm and focused side! (you didn't think it existed, did you? πŸ˜‰)

Each game will help your dog control their impulses and listen to you at all times.

Who doesn't want that?!

Give that button below a boop and let's play some impulse control games!

21 Impulse Control Games Digital Access

(Available Worldwide)

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Regular Price: $24.99

One-Time Purchase for Lifetime Access

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Full Access Including:

βœ… 21 games with step-by-step instructional gifs

βœ… Access to future game releases (impulse control specifically)

βœ… Access from any device, worldwide

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How will I receive access to the 21 Impulse Control Games?

During purchase, you will create a login account. After purchase you can access the 21 Games (while logged into your account) in multiple ways:

  • From the order confirmation page
  • From the confirmation email
  • From the downloadable PDF access page
  • From your Pupford account section under 'My Memberships' or the 'Downloads' section

How long will I have access to the training?

The purchase grants you access to all 21 impulse control games, and any additional impulse games we launch in the future.

Are these games only for people in the US?

Nope! No matter where you're located, you can purchase and access these impulse control games.

Are these impulse control games right for me and my dog?

YES! If you need help with a dog that gets over-excited, won't listen, or just needs some general help controlling their impulses then this will be perfect for you. These games are perfect for dogs of any age, size, or breed.

Is this purchase backed by the Pupford Promise?

Yep, if you send us video footage of you practicing for at least 30 days and don't see any improvements, we will help you with a refund.

Who teaches these 21 Impulse Control Games?

The Pupford Team leads out the lessons for these impulse control games.

What devices can access the games?

Any device with a web browser and the internet!

Have any pressing questions before you purchase? Chat us via the red icon on the right of your screen 😁

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