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5 Signs Your Dog Needs Joint Supplements | Pupford

January 31st, 2024

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You don’t have to be regular Sherlock Holmes to see these 5 signs your dog needs joint supplements. Odds are they have been right under your snout the whole time!

With the help of our dog experts, we have narrowed down the most common signs that your dog is experiencing the negative side effects that come from poor joint health AND easy ways to spot them (without the help of your detective magnifying glass)

After we explain the 5 signs your dog needs joint supplements, we will show you what kind of ingredients you should be looking for in joint supplements and our dog expert’s ultimate recommendation!

Let’s fetching go already! Here's a quick breakdown in a visual form.




This is the most common sign that your slobbery canine is in desperate need of joint supplements for dogs.

Every time your hyperactive friend jumps around or runs around they are putting a significant amount of pressure and force on their joints. As time goes on their joints will wear down and become weak from their normal doggo activities.

As time goes on issues like arthritis and chronic joint pain can occur when your dog reaches seven years old or even younger. These problems create trouble with your dog being able to stand up or sit down, because now with every movement their joints have less cartilage or padding to support themselves.

What to look for:

Next time you yell for your dog to come and get some food or go play outside pay careful attention to how they get up. If your pup is slower or it seems like she is hesitant to do so this is a sign that they need joint supplements for dogs.

To battle damage done to your pup’s joints look for ingredients like Chondroitin Sulfate, Glucosamine Hydrochloride, and Omega 3 Fatty Acids in a joint supplement for dogs. They help build back up the cartilage or padding around your pup’s joints, strengthen their movements, and aids in alleviating pain caused by poor joint health.

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If there is one thing that we all know about our beloved pups is how much they can pant! (Raise your hand if you have ever tried to go to sleep, but the loud panting of your dogs keeps you up)

Whether it is a hot day or they just got down chasing their own tail for an hour and a half all dogs pant to cool themselves off after something happens.

The second sign that Lil’ Fido needs joint supplements for dogs is when he starts panting excessively when there is nothing going on.

For example, if he is just sitting there watching TV with you and he is panting like he just ran a marathon or panting more than is normal he is trying to tell you something is very wrong.

Often, the unexpected panting is due to your dog’s joint throbbing in pain and discomfort. This is where joint supplements for dogs can come in and save the day.

Joint supplements for dogs are specifically formulated to...

  • Blocks nerve pain impulses which alleviates discomfort in joints
  • Decrease inflammation and strengthen joints
  • Repair damaged tissue and cartilage around joints

When these joint issues are taken care of your doggo won’t have to sit there panting up a storm and holding up a sign telling you their joints are aching in pain!

2-dogs-looking-for-joint-supplements | Pupford


Is your dog limping around like the Hunchback of Notre Dame?

If so, your pup is showing you the third telltale sign that they need a joint supplement!

With every game of fetch or when you open the bag of treat and your pup comes sprinting in the room, they are putting force on their joints to first start their run. This planting and pivoting can cause damage to specific joints which can hold negative consequences later on in their life.

Your puppy's hind legs are classified as Stifle Joints which are very complex, but VERY WEAK. It joins three bones (fibula, patella, and tibia) together with a combination of ligaments and is not very stable. That is why so many dogs experience hind leg injuries and pain

What to look for:

Next time your dog is running around, look to see if he is favoring one leg when they try to change direction and when they are walking around if they are walking with a slight limp.

Pay close attention to their hind legs to see if they push off one without a problem and the other very gingerly. This is a common sign that their joint is currently causing your pup discomfort and pain.


The 4th sign that your pup needs joint sups that our doggo experts have identified is if your dog’s joints are swollen.

Joint swelling happens when there is an accumulation of fluid in the space where the joint is actively moving. This fluid can be very dangerous because it can cause…

  • Pain and discomfort for your dog
  • Bacterial joint infections
  • Cartilage deterioration and bone damage


What to look for:

Take a close look at your furry princess’ joints, especially in the knees, and see if they appear larger or if they are tender to the touch for your pup. This is a classic sign of joint swelling and joint health issues.

If your dog is experiencing joint inflammation it’s time to ramp up you pups care.

Joint supplements for dogs with Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Vitamin C, and Chondroitin Sulfate help alleviate your pup’s pain, decrease inflammation while strengthening their joints, and with aid in the formation of collagen which is the main structural protein that holds your pup’s joint together!

a-white-dog-eating-a-joint-supplement | Pupford


Now, this is the easiest sign of them all to see! :)

No matter the stage of life your canine BFF is in, it can be very beneficial right now for them to be scarfing down some joint supplements for dogs or their health now and in the future.

The BIGGEST LIE you will hear is that joint supplements are only for senior dogs. THIS IS FALSE! Your pup needs joint supplements throughout their life to support and maintain healthy joints with every step and every game of fetch.

Joint supplements for dogs help

  • Improve your dog’s mobility
  • Strengthen joints and cartilage to withstand every game of fetch
  • Decreased risk of arthritis and other joint issues later in life
  • Additional health benefits from the quality ingredients like a healthier heart and stronger bones!

The best cure for your dog’s joint pain is to stop it before it even happens!

Read our full post about when to start giving joint supplements to dogs here.


The greatest feeling that any dog owner can have is peace of mind.

That is why here at Pupford, we are 110% dedicated to providing this feeling to every dog parent through high-quality products that are not only safe but proven to work.

We have spent thousands of hours working to find the best ingredients to put in our joint supplements for dogs to best help your BFF.

Get yours here!


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