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Balancing Your Relationship with Your Dog | Pupford

February 2nd, 2024

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Every relationship in your life is a bit of a balancing act... whether it's your spouse, best friend, or even your dog, there is always work to be done to keep the relationship healthy!

When it comes to our dogs, we often do a LOT of asking. We ask our pups to wait for their food, not
jump on guests, not pull on leash, not bark, etc., etc. and all that 'asking' can add up quickly. So the question quickly becomes... are we balancing back the scales of our relationship with our dogs?

Are we finding ways to let them just be... dogs? You know, exploring, running off leash,
barking, etc.

It's so important to do things every day to just improve your relationship with your dog. During this time don't focus on behavior, training, or anything... Just spend some time with your dog, letting them be a dog!

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Besides the basics necessities like food, shelter, water, another thing to think about is if we giving our dogs enough "fun" during the day. Not because we are wanting to train our dog or work on problem behaviors, but because we want to give our dogs opportunities to just be, well... dogs.

Here are some things we can do with our dogs without asking for anything in return:

1. Play fetch

2. Make up a new game

3. Give them belly rubs and pets

4. Let them explore smells and things around them on a walk

5. Give them an extra special reward - like jerky!

This simple mindset can really help improve your bond and therefore your communication with your dog!


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