Barking Solutions Course

Overcome Your Dog's Problematic (and annoying) Barking Habits Humanely & Safely

Guided Solutions to Help Eliminate Problem Barking!

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Excessive barking can be very difficult and frustrating for you (and your neighbors)!

With the help of the Barking Solutions Course, you can overcome your dog's problem barking with safe and humane training techniques and finally regain peace and calmness in your home!

Barking Solutions covers the following:

  • Why do dogs bark?
  • How you can humanely get your dog to stop barking at noises, guests, other dogs, etc.
  • Steps to overcome fear-related barking
  • Techniques to put an end to boredom/demand barking
  • How to redirect your dog's excitement barking and more!

What You'll Get With The Barking Solutions Course

Video Solutions Broken Down by Barking Types

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  • Every type of bark is different, and this course provides a solution for each one
  • Easy to follow problem/solution style videos to help diagnose and fix your dog's barking problem

PDF Cheatsheets to Quickly Reference at Any Time

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  • PDF cheatsheets for each type of problem barking
  • View on your phone or print out to read offline and around your home

4 Bonus Games & Exercises to Help Stop Barking

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  • Training exercises to help refocus and redirect your dog's barking
  • Mental/brain games to help keep your dog's mind sharp and energized to help reduce barking

Real Experiences from Dog Parents & Their Pups

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“Traci is the most amazing dog trainer! She not only provided my dogs with tools to succeed in a human-dominated world, but she also gave me the tools to feel more confident as a dog owner. Traci’s calm demeanor while interacting with the dogs she trains as well as with the owners, is something I strive to mimic. Thank you Traci for all you have done for my dogs and myself.” -Erin

5 red stars | Pupford

“Traci has a natural, comprehensive understanding of dogs and does a wonderful job sharing her knowledge with dog owners and families in a simple, straight-forward way that even kids can understand. She uses only positive reinforcement and makes training both a learning experience and an enjoyable activity for the dog and its people." -Andrea


Meet Your Instructor, Traci Madson CPDT-KA

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Traci began training dogs almost 20 years ago when she joined her town’s local search and rescue group and became interested in training a search dog.

Following this, she was honored to be chosen by Best Friends Animal Sanctuary to adopt one of the dogs rescued from the Michael Vick dog fighting bust.

Traci started as an official positive reinforcement trainer at the beginning of 2013 and later started Three Little Pits Pawsitive Dog Training, named after her three adorable pit bulls. Along with a few private clients, she began volunteering with two local rescue organizations, Friends of Animals and Paws For Life and would work with dogs that had behavioral issues in order to get them to the point in which they could be adopted.

Currently, Traci works with private clients who want basic obedience or some who have dogs with behavioral issues and is also the official Nuzzles & Co. dog trainer. She also has extensive experience working with Therapy Dogs and also training them through the process of certification.

In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, snowshoeing, camping, reading, and spending time with friends and family. She also plays several instruments and loves getting together with friends for a good jam session!

Put an End to Excessive Barking Today!

Will These Barking Solutions Work for Me?

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YES... as long as you're willing to put in the work!

Remember, that impulse control (which includes barking) is a learned behavior for dogs. It's not natural and "born with them".

But, if you're willing to put in the practice, stay patient, and work through the entire course, you'll see improvements in no time!

This Barking Solutions Course will help your dog:

  • Stop barking when people come to the door and/or into your home
  • Listen when you ask them to be quiet and stop barking
  • Learn proper barking behavior (sometimes you want a bark or two) and so much more!

What to Expect from the Barking Solutions Digital Course

Here's what comes with the Barking Solutions Course ⤵️

✅ A video breaking down why dogs bark and how we should handle barking

✅ Breakdown of specific types of barking (not every bark is the same)

✅ How to eliminate and handle each type of barking that may occur from your dog

✅ PDF cheatsheets you can view on your phone or print out for 'offline' use

✅ 4 bonus games and activities to help reduce your dog's barking and so much more!

Should You Purchase This Barking Solutions Digital Course?

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If you're frustrated with your dog's behavior, wish your dog was calmer and would bark much much less... then you should purchase access to this course!

Or, if you'd rather continue being frustrated, embarrassed and upset about your dog's barking... then don't get this course 😉

Whether you've got a big dog, small pup, or anything in between, this course will help unlock their quieter and more attentive side! (You didn't think it existed, did you?)

Each video will help you diagnose and reduce the frequency of your dog's barking behaviors.

Who doesn't want that?!

Give that button below a big 'ole boop and let's stop that barking!

Barking Solutions Course Digital Access

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Special Pricing

One-Time Purchase for Lifetime Access

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Full Access Including:

✅ Videos breaking down specific types of barking and how to overcome it

✅ Downloadable PDF cheatsheets

✅ Four bonus games and activities to help stop barking

✅ Access from any device, worldwide

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How will I receive access to the Barking Solutions Course?

During purchase, you will create a login account. After purchase you can access the Course (while logged into your account) in multiple ways:

  • From the order confirmation page
  • From the confirmation email
  • From the downloadable PDF access page
  • From your Pupford account section under 'My Memberships' or the 'Downloads' section

How long will I have access to the training?

The purchase grants you lifetime access to all of the Barking Solutions Course material.

Are these games only for people in the US?

Nope! No matter where you're located, you can purchase and access this course via the Pupford website.

Is this course right for me and my dog?

YES! If you're willing to put in the work and be patient with your dog's progress with barking, then this course is for you. This course is perfect for dogs of any age, size, or breed.

Is this purchase backed by the Pupford Promise?

Yep, if you send us video footage of you practicing for at least 30 days and don't see any improvements, we will help you with a refund.

Who teaches the Barking Solutions Course?

Traci Madson, CPDT-KA and head trainer of Nuzzles & Co. teaches this course.

What devices can access the games?

Any device with a web browser and the internet!

Is this course available to be used within the Pupford app on iOS or Android?

At this time, no. But, it should be available for use within the app around the end of Q1 of 2020.

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