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6 Best Dog Beds - Hint: Big Barker, Here's Why | Pupford

November 29th, 2023

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Your pup deserves the best, and finding the best dog bed can make a huge difference in their joint health and overall well-being in the long run! I’ve purchased some seriously terrible dog beds in my life and I’d love to have that money back. *sigh*

I remember picking out a bed from a pet store and thinking to myself that I was getting something that would last a long while. I was dead wrong.

Two months and a few washes later, zippers weren’t working, the bed wouldn’t lay flat, material lost its soft touch, and my dogs were choosing the floor over the bed… what a waste!

I don’t want you to waste money.

That’s why we put together a list of the 6 best dog beds. For the sake of being upfront, these beds aren’t necessarily the cheapest ones. Our experience has been that if you cheap out on a dog bed, it’ll likely be flat, dirty, and ruined within a short time. This means you’ll just have to buy another one, and that’s not smart!

Sure, we understand that everyone has different budgets but a quality bed can make such a huge impact on your pup’s physical and mental health. So, check out our quick list of the top five dog beds for pups of all shapes and sizes.

These are the best dog beds ranked in order with #1 being the best, of course:

  1. Big Barker Dog Bed
  2. Casper Dog Bed
  3. Pet Fusion Memory Foam Bed
  4. BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed
  5. Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed
  6. The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Bed


big-barker-bed-review | Pupford

First off, Big Barkers are geared more towards large dogs (over 50 lbs). BUT, they also carry a “junior” version for dogs under 50 lbs, so basically, every pup is covered. You can check out the junior version here.

big-barker-junior-review | Pupford

No matter what size dog you have you will love the Big Barker. See why below.


Every single Big Barker bed comes with a 10-year warranty. YES, 10 years… you read that correctly. Their policy is that it will retain 90% of its original shape for 10 years or you can get your money back.

That in itself is enough reason to buy.

Another pro is the quality of the materials and how it’s made. Each Big Barker has 7 inches (except the “junior” which has 4 inches) of foam to keep your pup supported and comfortable. The foam is a high-quality American-made foam that won’t flatten like other cheap stuff!

big-barker-sections | Pupford

On the note of American made materials, the same is true for all of the zippers. Plus, each and every bed is made in California. With that, you’ll know you’re getting the finest quality and craftsmanship out there.

Some other pros of the Big Barker dog bed include being able to purchase waterproof covers (if you’re still potty training, you’ll want it) and replacement covers if you ever need one. Many reviewers loved how easy it is to clean the bed (so important) and how pleasing it is aesthetically in their home. The Big Barkers come in multiple simple, clean, and stylish color options. It comes in the flat (they call it the Sleek Edition) and headrest versions.


No bed is perfect, right?

One of the major cons or pain points of the Big Barker bed is the price. Like we mentioned earlier, paying the extra few bucks for a nicer bed typically is worth it. And when you throw in a 10-year warranty, the price point feels a lot less scary.

Another con of the Big Barker is that the waterproof cover does not come with the bed. So, expect to pay a bit more (totally worth it) if you want to waterproof your investment.

Top Reviews of the Big Barker (it was hard to choose because there’s over 5,000 on Amazon alone)

“This bed is amazing and huge!!! I debated on which size to get, large or extra large but decided to spend the extra $40 and get extra large and I'm glad I did. My 7 year old 120lb English Mastiff can sleep soundly through the night now. It took her a little while to get used to and she really doesn't know what to do with all the room! She has never had a bed that has actually fit her before. For extra protection I put a twin fitted sheet over the bed. Yes this bed is pricey but well worth it and you can tell it is made with high-quality materials and with a 10yr warranty you can't go wrong!!! If you have a giant breed dog, this is a must have!!!! ;)”

And… another one.

“This is the second Big Barker bed we have bought; not because there is anything wrong with the first one; Brewtus' younger sister, Scarlett, stole his. Brewtus is a 110lb. 4-year-old German shepherd and Scarlett is a 70lb., year old German shepherd.

Brewtus was known to have problems getting up after laying for long periods of time. You should see him since we got him the Big Barker Bed! He acts just like a puppy! His little sister is having a hard time keeping up with him. I wholeheartedly believe it is because the bed relieves his hip and joint pain. The bed may be a bit more expensive but it pays for itself in longevity; no more replacing a flattened, useless bed every 6 months. The quality is impeccable and the follow-up with customer service is top-notch. Hands down, this is the best dog bed I have ever owned.”

See the price of the Big Barker dog bed on Amazon here.


casper dog bed | Pupford

Engineered like the Casper matress for humans, you know your dog will be getting a high-quality sleep. And with 4.5 stars and over 2000 reviews, buyers seem to agree that this is a great bed! The bed comes in three different sizes, small, medium, and large, and is more esthetically pleasing than a lot of other dog beds out there. The colors are a nice sand, grey, and blue, that will look good in many different rooms of your home.


The Casper dog bed features two foam layers for pressure-relieving and supportive foam technology, a nylon cover that is easy to remove and wash, and is constructed to hold its shape over time. No sinking dog bed here.

Plus, the foam bolsters lining the sides work as supportive pillows for your pup. Comfort was a big priority here.

This bed was designed to cater to a dog's natural behaviors, and made the bed durable enough that it should be able to withstand digging, and you get a 1-year Limited Dog Bed Warranty.


Going through reviews of this bed, it was honestly hard to find a lot of reviews that weren't positive... which is a great sign! But there are some. First being only three size options. The large bed is said to work for dogs up to 90lbs which does exclude so many large breed dogs. My doberman-lab mix is even barelyyy making the weight requirement on that one (but there are some reviewers saying their dog of over 100 lbs loves the bed, so if your dog enjoys a nice spot to be all cuddled up... it could still work, but be wary).

Second con is price. A small bed will cost you $129 while a large is at $229. This price tag can be a bit of a shocker, but many people like to think of a dog bed as an investment for your pup... and if it keeps them in their own beds and happy, that investment could be very well worth it.

Top Reviews of the Casper Dog Bed

"This bed far exceeded my expectations. I was sure my dog would be begging me for his old bed that I bought on the cheap when I adopted him. But quite the opposite. Instead of splitting time in my bed and his bed at night, he ONLY wants to sleep in the Casper bed! He also had back problems where maybe every couple weeks he couldn’t get comfy at night. Now, he sleeps like a baby from 9p to 7a! I can’t recommend this bed highly enough." -Earl


pet-fusion-dog-beds-review | Pupford

This memory foam dog bed comes in a variety of sizes from small all the way up to XXL. The color options are sleek, minimal and look good in most homes. In comparison to the Big Barker, this bed is only 4” (compared to 7”) in height, meaning there is a little less support for your pup.


This dog bed is made of memory foam. Don’t you just wanna sleep on that?! Oh, right… it’s for your pup! That memory foam is built to help reduce joint pain, improve mobility, and increase energy as your pup sleeps better.

What’s even better is that to protect that memory foam, each Pet Fusion bed comes with a waterproof liner. That means if any type of accident occurs (it likely will happen) the memory foam will be protected.

To round off the pros, each Pet Fusion bed comes complete with a skid-proof bottom, premium YKK zippers, and it is available in sizes ranging from small all the way to XXL.

non-skid-bottom-and-double-zippers-on-pet-fusion-dog-beds | Pupford


Some users have complained that the outer material is a bit thin and not very durable. To be honest, a surprising amount of dog beds are this way, but it’s still something to be aware of. They do sell replacements, but hey that’s more money to be spent…

Another negative aspect of this bed is that it can be difficult to reassemble after cleaning. The “arms” around the bed can be difficult to stuff back into the liner after it is cleaned. I’ve personally experienced this pain, but being able to remove the cover is worth it to me! I just know that I may spend a few minutes getting everything lined up when I put it back together.

One final complaint of some buyers is that this bed’s outer material can collect some serious dog hair. That’ll all depend on your pup I’m sure, but keep it in mind if your home is full of any big-time shedders.

Top Reviews of the Pet Fusion Memory Foam Dog Bed

”Love this bed...might even be nicer than the bed I sleep in! :) Top quality from zippers to firm memory foam. This thing is huge! Perfect for my large family of 3 dogs. They love lying in it together. Comfy bolsters. My second PetFusion product...definitely does not disappoint!”

See the price of the Pet Fusion bed on Amazon here.


barks-bar-dog-beds-review | Pupford

If you are looking for a comfortable, reliable and affordable dog bed, this BarksBar Orthopedic bed is a fantastic option! This easy to clean and well-built bed will have your pup sleeping happily for months to come.


Many purchasers of BarksBar’s beds have raved about their customer service! Whether you end up needing to talk with them or not, knowing that they have a well-run support team makes all the difference!

Another nice touch is the rim-cushion. Many pups love resting their head up on the rim as a pillow. Your pup will love that the cushion contours to their head, providing support and decompression for their head and neck!

One of my favorite parts is the ease of taking it apart and reassembling it. Being able to quickly remove the cover if there are any spills or accidents can be a game-changer! Not only that, but that makes cleaning and reassembling much easier as well.

features-of-barks-bar-dog-beds | Pupford


One major issue that you’ll see right away is that there are only two size options available. If your pup falls into one of the size brackets, great! If not, you may be searching elsewhere.

As long as your pup isn’t tiny, the medium should work just fine!

Other potential cons and complaints have been about the foam. Some buyers complain about the foam “sagging” over time. Any bed will have some slight sag, especially over extended use. That’s even truer when you buy a less expensive one. Like we said before, sometimes it can be worth spending a few bucks more on your dog bed!

On a similar note, there are a few complaints about the longevity after multiple washes. If you have a dog that stays relatively clean and you don’t need to wash their bed often, then you shouldn’t worry too much.

But, if you are like me and have dogs that seem to search for dirt everywhere and then roll in it, frequent washes of the bed may become problematic.

Top Reviews of the BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed

“I purchased this bed because I rescue Boxers. They are in desperate need of a great cushioned bed due to the conditions they had in their past life. It is awesome‼. The orthopedic insert is thick and provides so much support for them. The high sides give them a place to snuggle in and lean against, it gives them a safe place to be. It has not broken down, despite their weight of 60+ lbs. I have already washed the removable cover, & it goes back on perfectly. I would highly recommend this bed. I have a different one, that cost more, and it is already broken down. Thumbs up for this!!!!”

See the price of the BarksBar bed on Amazon here.


friends-forever-dog-beds-review | Pupford

Friends Forever’s orthopedic dog bed is a durable and comfortable option for dogs of all sizes. With 85% of all reviews being 5-star, you can be sure your pup will be lounging in comfort (and style) all day and night. (Although, your pup should be out moving and running around, not lounging all day and night… that would be bad.)


Let’s start with the best perk of all, the warranty! All Friends Forever beds come with a 1-year limited warranty. Gotta love that!

Another feature we love is the hair and water resistant removable cover. Speaking as someone with three dogs that seem to shed hair a pound a minute, hair resistant anything is to die for! Having a hair resistant cover means you won’t need to put it in the washing machine as often, meaning your bed will last even longer!

best-dog-beds-for-dog-hair-review | Pupford

Need another awesome benefit? Look no further than the non-slip bottom. For hardwood, tile, or other non-carpet floors, that feature is an absolute necessity.


Although those Pros are strong, some of the cons are concerning! Although the bed has a water-resistant liner, it is not 100% waterproof. If you are raising a puppy, I’d keep that in mind as you choose your next dog bed. One accident that isn’t dealt with right away can change your dog bed forever…

Another somewhat frequent complaint has been issues with the zippers. Ugh, those things can be the worst!

not completely waterproof, some complaints of issues with the zippers

Top Review of Friends Forever Dog Bed

“We have two dogs and a lot of dog beds. I was looking for something supportive for my older dog. This bed purchase has been the best so far. Easy to put together right out of the box; the bolster is already zippered in and the mattress, once unsealed and expanded, fits easily into its cover and zips into the bottom portion. So far it has been easy to vacuum and clean. The bed is light and easily movable, yet doesn't shift when on the floor. My old lab loves it! He is close to 80 lbs and the large size works for him. I will purchase this bed again.”

See the price of the Friends Forever dog bed on Amazon here.


the-dogs-beds-review | Pupford

Although it’s number 5 on the list, The Dog’s Bed orthopedic bed is still a highly-rated bed option for your pup. With a multitude of sizes and color options, you’ll find one that suits both your dog and your home’s decor.


One of our favorite parts about this dog bed is the thickness! The bed is composed of a 4” premium foam base and an additional 2” of memory foam! That’s 6” of comfort and resting place for your sweet pup.

Another great feature is the machine washable, waterproof cover. Whether your pup has an accident, food spills on it, or mud gets tracked onto the bed, just remove the cover and throw it in the wash. Simple! If you are raising a pup, you absolutely have to get a bed that is waterproof, end of discussion.

One factor that puts this bed on our top 5 list is the availability of colors and trims! There are three different main colors and a variety of trim colors (including pink and blue) for an added flare.

Let’s be honest, if you can’t see yourself putting a picture of the bed on Instagram, is it even worth buying? ;)

dogs-bed-features-and-benefits | Pupford


Again, no bed is perfect. One of the main complaints about this bed is that it is too narrow. For smaller pups, that shouldn’t be much of a worry. But if you have any kind of dog with long legs (sorry, not you Dachshunds), it’s something to be aware of.

Most of the complaints said that even though they bought the “correct” size, the width was just too narrow for their pup’s liking. It’s a weird one, so be aware if your pup has long legs!

There are also a handful of negative comments about the sturdiness of the bed. Most dog parents have no problem with it, but it’s still something to note.

Top Review of The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Bed

“Well, Mojo loves it. Out 11 yr old boy laid right on it. Its Firm enough to make it easier for him to get up and out of but soft enough for comfort. His back legs have gotten much weaker to get up and down in the past year. It's tough for a 100lb Labradoodle!!? I was hesitant at 1st to pay a bit more for a bed but this one is worth it! Came rolled up but once I got all the plastic wrapper off the bed got into shape very quickly. No smell that I noticed.”

See the price of The Dog's Bed on Amazon here.


I don’t know about you, but this whole article has made me wanna snuggle up with my pups and test out 1,000 new dog beds. Ahh, one day… one day.

But for now, let’s give a quick recap!

Remember to find a bed with a waterproof (or at least water resistant) option, plenty of support, and one that is easy to wash and take care of!

Our best dog bed is by a mile, the Big Barker. Although you will pay more for it, the 10-year warranty and superior construction and material will make it worth every penny!

If you are looking for a bed specifically with joint problems, the Big Barker is your best bet, 100%.

At Pupford, we also offer a joint supplement to help with both prevention and healing of joint pain. Be sure to check it out here.

Tell us in the comments which of these dog beds is your favorite!

PS- Learn all about your dog's sleep positions here!

AND- Learn about the pros and cons of letting your dog sleep in bed with you here.


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