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April 27th, 2023

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It’s that time of the year again. Whether you are eager to set up for the holidays or want to wait a little longer, it’s just about time to think about the gifts for everyone on your list this year. And while many will be traveling and/or spending time with family or friends, we don’t want to exclude our pets from our holiday traditions.

We know that life gets really busy this time of year, but it’s important that our dogs are still getting the proper care they deserve (and need). Everything from mental and physical exercise, to attention, training, and the basic necessities (of course!).

Because after all, dogs really are a gift to us.

So here are some gift ideas for the dogs (and dog lovers) on your list.



Before we get to the stocking stuffers, we wanna know...

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1. An enrichment chew toy that you can fill with treats and freeze.

sodapup enrichment toy | Pupford

2. A paw balm to keep your dog’s paw pads safe from the salty roads and sidewalks in wintertime.

paw balm butter up | Pupford

3. A treat dispensing toy, to slow down your dog’s eating and add some enrichment to their day. Plus, don’t forget some treats to fill it up with.

treat dispensing toy | Pupford

4. A bandana (or four) for the fashionable pup in your life. We like these and these.

5. A long-lasting dog chew to keep your dog occupied while you open your gifts

long lasting dog chew | Pupford

6. Tennis balls - always more tennis balls.


Here are some gifts that won’t break the bank, that we think your dog will love!

1. Snuffle mats are an easy way to add enrichment to your dog’s meal time. Simply scatter your dog’s dry food through the mat, and let them sniff. Shop here.

snuffle mat | Pupford

2. Jerky reward treats. Need a special way to treat your dog, either just because or when working on a special treat or skill? Try a high-value treat like a jerky.

jerky reward | Pupford

3. If bath time isn’t your dog’s favorite, a dry shampoo for dogs will be a gift to both you and them, as a way to help keep your dog clean without the need to get wet.

dry shampoo for dogs | Pupford

4. A lick mat. Need help at bathtime? Use a lick mat. Need an engaging toy for your dog? Use a lick mat. Need a way to help calm down your puppy and keep them happy? Try a lick mat. We love these.

lick mat for dogs | Pupford


1. An interactive puzzle toy. There are so many fun puzzle toy options out there for dogs to try. This one has over 56,000 reviews on Amazon.

interactive puzzle toy 56k | Pupford

2. A dog treats and chews favorites pack. Get your dog some favorite treats and chews. Like these.

pupford favorites pack | Pupford

3. A Hide-and-seek activity for dogs. This toy also squeaks, involves squirrels, and will challenge your dog (may not be suitable for tough chewers). Win, win, win.

squirrel enrichment toy | Pupford

4. A training treat mega pack. Get prepared for your New Year's Resolutions and get the treats you need to train your dog!

training treat mega pack | Pupford


1. Every dog poops. Puppies just don’t know where you want them to go yet! As you’re working on potty training, accidents will happen. Get the tools you need to help throughout the potty training process here.

potty training pack | Pupford

2. A wearable teether for the teething puppy in your life. Dog trainer Amber Aquart loves this one.

silicone puppy teether | Pupford

3. A flirt pole. Think flirt poles are just for cats? Think again. Flirt poles for dogs are an easy-to-use toy that help exercise your dog and work on training and impulse behaviors.

flirt pole | Pupford

4. Have you heard of the SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy? Well, according to over 30,000 pup parents on Amazon, this has helped many new puppies feel more comfortable in their new homes and has also helped ease some pup’s anxiety. Hesitant? Maybe. Wanna try for yourself? Click here.

smart snuggle puppy | Pupford

Bonus Idea: Check out a new puppy gift box here.


1. Get everything you need to keep your pup treated, trained, and happily chewing for months to come. Your dog will love this.

small dog woof pack | Pupford

2. A plush dog toy for your dog to tug, squeak, and crinkle.

plush octopus toys | Pupford

3. A harness to make walks more enjoyable for you and your dog. These are great because they can be adjusted from multiple spots to fit your dog perfectly.


1. Give your pup a variety of options will keep your dog engaged during training, happy during chewing, and spoiled beyond even their wildest dreams! With this.

2. If you follow us on social media, you know we love mental enrichment. This is a great option for meal time and treats!

medium dog puzzle | Pupford

3. A harness is a powerful training tool that can help reduce your dog's pulling and yanking while out on walks. Get one here.

harness | Pupford


1. Keep your dog covered on all fronts for treating, chewing, and training, with this pack.

2. Taking care of your dog’s teeth is so important. Brushing regularly and using dental chews will help keep your dog’s teeth clean. We also love a great dental toy for added dental care help. This is a great option for larger dogs.

large dog dental toy | Pupford

3. With a large dog, you know just how vital it is to work on leash walking so your dog doesn’t pull your arm from its socket (kidding, but not). Get a harness to help with leash walking here.


1. If your dog struggles with joint discomfort, aches, or mobility, a supplement could help! And even if they don’t, Super Pup also helps with gut health, skin and coat, and your dog’s general health. Shop here.

super pup| Pupford

2. Help your dog feel like a puppy again, with a fun interactive dog toy!

senior dog interactive toy | Pupford

3. A carpet cleaner and black light. As your dog gets older they may experience more you-know-what problems. Use a carpet cleaner that will work deep below the surface to remove stains from urine, feces, or vomit.

oops eraser black light | Pupford

4. Dental treats. Your dog won’t know they are actually cleaning their teeth, they will just think they are getting a tasty treat.

PS- Learn if dog dental chews actually work here.

dental chews| Pupford


1. A lifetime subscription to Pupford Academy. Help the pup parents in your life train a well-behaved dog, and give them access to an ever growing library of premium content, with courses like Leash Walking and Impulse Control. As well as videos to help with fetch, puppy biting, counter-conditioning, and so much more!

2. A customizable dog mom sweatshirt. Have your dog’s name stitched onto your sleeve. Do you wear your heart on your sleeve? You will when you wear this.

dog mom sweatshirt | Pupford

3. Dog parents swag. Get things like a tote bag, water bottle, koozie, beanie, and fun stickers you can put on your water bottle, car, laptop and more!

sticker | Pupford

4. A dog camera. Ease some of the stress that can come with leaving your dog at home, and get a dog camera. Check on them, feed them treats, etc. A camera is also good if you are concerned your dog may have separation anxiety.

dog camera | Pupford

Happy holidays and happy shopping! Have other dog gift ideas that you and your pup love? Let us know in the comments below.


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