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The Science Behind Mental Enrichment for Dogs | Pupford

September 28th, 2023

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While mental enrichment can feel like a fun 'buzzword', it's important to know what research has shown about mental exercise for dogs! [] In this episode, I give a synopsis and my opinions on research done by Lidewij L.Schipper (amongst others) in 2008. Here... Continue reading

Dog Training Hand Signals & How to Use Them + PDF Chart | Pupford

July 28th, 2023

Filed under Training

Whether you are at the beginning of your dog training journey or in the middle, using hand signals can help so much when it comes to training your dog! Today we’re going to dive into dog training hand signals: why you should use them, some common ones to teach your dog, and how to help your dog suc... Continue reading

The Dog Training POV Series with Trevor Smith - Puppy Biting | Pupford

September 29th, 2023

Filed under Training

As parents to puppies, it can feel at times like we are their chew toys. While dogs are teething [] they may try to bite anything and everything they can get their paws on (like us). In this series we already covered puppy chewing (you can watch that video he... Continue reading

How to Build a Dog's Confidence: Training & Tips, Even for Shy Dogs | Pupford

October 20th, 2023

Filed under Podcasts

Your dog's confidence levels can drastically affect their ability to learn, respond correctly to cues, and generally feel happy in their environment! In this episode, I sat down with Emily Fitzpatrick (VSA-CDT) to discuss ways to improve your dog's confidence! Emily also helps break down why confid... Continue reading

The Dog Training POV Series with Trevor Smith - Puppy Chewing | Pupford

June 29th, 2023

Filed under Training

Welcome to the first official week of the Pupford Dog Training POV Series [] with Trevor Smith. In the introduction [], we talked all about what will happen in this series as Trevor straps a camera o... Continue reading

12 Reasons to be Grateful for Your Dog | Pupford

November 22nd, 2023

Filed under Lifestyle + Stories

You’ll probably get this question a lot around Thanksgiving: what are you thankful for? We hope your list is a long one -- and that it doesn’t leave anything out. Including your dog! Although we may not think about it often, our dogs give us so much to be grateful for during the holidays and alw... Continue reading

[Recipe] Prepare a Thanksgiving Meal For Your Dog | Pupford

September 30th, 2023

Filed under Pet Parenting

We are all about finding ways to include our dogs in the holiday festivities this year (and every year), and what better way to do that than through food? Because, if your dog is anything like mine, food is his/her love language. And this Thanksgiving recipe will have your dog feeling all the love! ... Continue reading

Prepare Your Dog for Holidays Guests + How to Get Your Dog Involved | Pupford

November 7th, 2023

Filed under Pet Parenting

The holidays are meant to be spent with family, friends, and loved ones -- four-legged included! But if this is your dog’s first holiday season in your home, or you have extended family in town (among other things), it may be overwhelming to figure out how your dog will fit into the day. Whether y... Continue reading

Introducing the Dog Training POV Series with Trevor Smith | Pupford

November 14th, 2022

Filed under Training

Training a dog is hard work! Whether you just adopted a new puppy, a rescue, or senior, or have had a dog for quite some time, our dogs will get into things we don’t want them to, have accidents, regress in training, bark, pull, bite, and so much more! And there are so many questions we see pup pare... Continue reading

Reasons to Get a Dog + Why You Need a Dog in Your Life | Pupford

August 31st, 2023

Filed under Pet Parenting

With Thanksgiving [] around the corner, it has us reflecting on what we are thankful for. And one of the things at the top of that list is dogs… clearly. In our 30 Day Perfect Pup Facebook Community [ Continue reading

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