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How To Reward Your Dog and a List of Reinforcements | Pupford

December 27th, 2023

Filed under Pet Parenting

If you’ve been part of our community for a while, you probably know that we’re big fans of positive reinforcement dog training, but if you’re new… well, we’re big fans of positive reinforcement dog training []. For new pup parents, or those new to r... Continue reading

The (Scary) Truth About Dog Parks + Alternatives | Pupford

September 25th, 2023

Filed under Podcasts

The 'dog park debate' is truly one of the most divisive aspects of being a pup parent. While dog parks can be a powerful tool for giving your pup physical exercise, they can also quickly turn into a dangerous trap. In this episode, we break down some of the pros and cons of dog parks and how they c... Continue reading

New Year New Pup: 5 Tips to Start the New Year Off Right | Pupford

November 29th, 2023

Filed under Pet Parenting

Finally, 2020 is coming to an end. I don’t know about you, but we couldn’t be more ready to close the door on this year. We’re seeing so many members of our community or their friends and family bringing new dogs into their family this time of year. We love to see it! We want to help everyone st... Continue reading

Training a Puppy: A Whole Family Affair | Pupford

December 12th, 2023

Filed under Training

There’s nothing more exciting than adding a new member to your family -- especially one with paws, a tail, and a little wet nose. Getting a new puppy is exciting for the whole family. But, it also takes time and dedication to train your new puppy -- and that responsibility should be shared by the w... Continue reading

Teaching a Dog to Meet Strangers & Reduce Excitement | Pupford

December 11th, 2023

Filed under Training

When we bring a new puppy or dog into our family, one of the first things we want to do is show them off to everyone! Besides blowing up everyone’s Instagram feeds, we want them to meet all our closest friends and family. We know you’re excited, but you need to be patient! There’s a right way to in... Continue reading

How to Train Your Dog to 'Leave It' With Holiday Decor | Pupford

September 28th, 2023

Filed under Training

Feeling fa-la-la-la festive this time of year? Whether you are decorating the Christmas tree, lighting candles on the Menorah, or wrapping presents for family, friends, and neighbors, tis' the season to spread some Holiday cheer. But there are some things that can put a damper on the festivities... ... Continue reading

Generalization & Proofing in Dog Training: The Missing Piece | Pupford

September 27th, 2023

Filed under Podcasts

Have you noticed how your dog may listen to your cues while at home [], but fails to do so in a new environment? We sat down with Richard Gonzalez (certified dog trainer) to discuss why it can be SO difficult for our dogs to understand behaviors in ne... Continue reading

How Long You Should Train Your Puppy or Dog a Day? | Pupford

August 10th, 2023

Filed under Podcasts

Wondering how long you should train your dog each day? In this episode, we sat down with Holly (certified trainer) to discuss how long you should be training your puppy every day (hint... it's not what you're expecting). Remember, short bursts of training are often better than long, drawn-out sessi... Continue reading

Can Dogs Eat Lamb? The Truth on Lamb Benefits, Bones, Allergies & More | Pupford

October 26th, 2023

Filed under Health + Wellness

We love helping our community show their pups some love -- and what better way to do that than by giving them something delicious to munch on and get excited over?! But of course, the question must be asked... can dogs have lamb? And what about lamb bones? We love tapping into our dog’s natural ins... Continue reading

Your Dog's Immune System: Guide + How to Boost It | Pupford

August 31st, 2023

Filed under Health + Wellness

You know those people who just never seem to get sick? Who escapes every cold [] and flu season with not even a single sniffle? And you sit there in envy, every year, saying “I wish I had their immune system!” between sneezes? PS- Learn all about dog sneezing ... Continue reading

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