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Can Dogs Eat Apples?

One of the most common questions for new (or longtime) pup parents is, can dogs eat apples?

If you’re wondering this, then you are in the right place. Here is the answer below! đź”˝

Yes, dogs can eat apples.

BUT! (Yes, there is a “but”.)

Dogs shouldn’t eat the seeds, stem, or core. Keep reading to find out why, and some of the benefits of apples for dogs.

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Are Apples Dangerous for Dogs?

are apples dangerous for dogs? | Pupford

That leads us into the answer to our next popular question, are apples dangerous for dogs?

The simple answer is that some parts of apples can be dangerous or toxic for dogs. Seeds contain cyanide, a toxic substance, that can cause serious issues for your pup (especially smaller dogs).

Similarly, the stem isn’t great for pups so avoid giving it to your good boy or girl! The core of an apple can cause a potential choking hazard, so leave that out as well.

So, you might be asking yourself, how should I give apples to my dog?

Keep scrolling below to find out! 👇

How to Give Apples to Dogs

apple slices for dogs | Pupford

The best way to give apples to dogs is to cut the apple in slices. That way it’s easier for your dog to eat. Plus, that allows you to make sure your dog won’t eat any of the core, seeds, or stem.

One of our favorite ways to give apples to our dogs is turning them into apple-carrot “pupsicles”!

Check it out the recipe (video included) here.

Can Dogs Eat Applesauce?

can dogs eat applesauce | Pupford

Many people also wonder if they can give their dog applesauce. If you are going to give your dog applesauce make sure there is no added sugar or preservatives.

Even then, applesauce is often naturally high in sugar, so be careful with how much you give your dog.

So, yes, dogs can eat applesauce. Just be careful what type of applesauce you give them and do so in moderation.

Adding a little to a Kong and freezing it can be a great snack!

What are the Benefits of Apples?

This article wouldn’t be complete without talking about the benefits of apples for dogs! Yes, you heard that right, apples are very good snacks for dogs.

Here’s why.

benefits of apples for dogs | Pupford

Apples are a great source of vitamin C, fiber, calcium, and phosphorus. Plus they’re a safe way to satisfy your pet’s sweet tooth (unlike chocolate and other non-dog-approved snacks).

Again, just practice moderation, especially when first giving your pup apples.

Recap of Apples for Dogs

In addition to giving apples as a treat, another way to get your pup the added benefits of apples is finding a dog food that includes apples in the ingredient list.

Here at Pupford, we carry a dehydrated dog food (helps retain nutrients) that has apples in each and every recipe. YUM!

Click here to learn more about dehydrated dog food.

annie a poodle eating pupford dehydrated dog food | Pupford

Also, check out our full list of 39 fruits and veggies dogs can and can’t eat here.

Poll: Does Your Dog Like Apples?

Let us know what you voted in the comments, or tell us your pup’s funniest apple-related story!

Written by Devin Stagg

Since being deprived of dogs during his childhood, he and his wife decided to make up for it by having three dogs, two Lab puppies, and one grandpa Puggle. Meaning you won’t see him not covered in dog hair. When he’s not busy training his dogs and/or picking up their poop, you can find him cheering on Tottenham Hotspur and all Cleveland sports (yes, even the Browns).

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