a kid having a healthy relationship with their dog | Pupford

Dogs and Kids Guide: Training, Home Prep & Guidelines for Healthy Kid-Dog Relationships

Introducing a new dog to your home with children comes with its own set of challenges! Similarly, bringing home a newborn baby to your home with dogs takes extra care and steps to ensure the safety and happiness of your baby. In this episode of The Perfect Pup Podcast, we talk about the following ? How to introduce a new dog to kids in your home How to introduce a new baby to the dog in your home How to teach your kids to properly greet a dog Ways to prevent problems between kids and dogs And much more! Even… Continue reading

4th of july dog safety tips and training tips | Pupford

4th of July Dog Safety Tips

Dogs and America ? ?? Name me a greater duo, I’ll wait… (sorry Canadian readers ??) 4th of July dog safety tips are likely some of the most important life-saving tips you’ll read about all year. PS- Many of these tips are great for any holiday, especially ones that include fireworks or other potentially startling experiences for dogs. Unfortunately, the 4th of July is one of the most dangerous days of the year for our furry friends. Statistics show there is an increase of anywhere from 30-60% of the number of lost dogs between the days of July 4-6. So,… Continue reading

long leash dog training tips | Pupford

Long Leash Dog Training: 3 Powerful Behaviors to Teach With a Long Lead

I still remember the first time my dad took the training wheels off my bike… (this ties into long leash dog training tips, I promise) There’s still a scar, actually. Luckily, I had enough practice under my belt that I wasn’t too afraid to get back on the bike. But, what would have happened if from day one of learning to ride a bike I didn’t have any training wheels? Would I have gotten back on at all, or just completely given up? Odds are I would have felt defeated… like I wouldn’t ever be able to accomplish the end… Continue reading

17 essential dog hiking tips | Pupford

17 Essential Dog Hiking Tips

Who’s ready for some summer adventures and hiking with your dog? As the days get warmer and longer you know the first thing we are thinking about is getting out of the house and into nature! And that’s why we’re giving you 17 essential dog hiking tips to keep your pup happy and safe. Here are some important, helpful, and essential tips for bringing along your favorite four-legged friends on your explorations. Don’t forget your camera! PS- if you’re looking for fun hikes in your area, AllTrails is a great resource. They even have an app! 17 Dog Hiking Tips… Continue reading

best kong recipes for dogs | Pupford

Best Kong Recipes: 21 Things to Put in a Kong

When you’re looking for good ways to keep your dog busy or distracted, tasty Kong recipes are a great go-to to keep your dog mentally stimulated and entertained. They can provide hours of entertainment for your new pup or your adult dog.  To keep your pup entertained, you’ll want to find a variety of kong recipes. Keep in mind, some recipes are healthier than others, so be aware of your pup’s weight needs. Additionally, because of their durability, Kongs are a perfect option for even some of the most destructive dogs. They’ll love the reward inside the toy, and you’ll… Continue reading

training treats for dogs the ultimate guide | Pupford

Training Treats for Dogs: Everything You Need to Know in 2019

I’m sitting here writing this two days after our dog became sick from what we believe to be human feces at a park. Cute, I know. He’s better now, but my point here is that I know all too well the effects that certain dog treats (and things that definitely are not foods, yet your dog seems to love to eat anyway (eye roll)) can have on their stomachs. The thing is, most of us don’t feed our dog poop, (hopefully all of us) but still sometimes the treats we can give our pups don’t agree with their stomachs, or… Continue reading

7 tips for road trips with your dog | Pupford

7 Tips for Road Trips with Dogs

I’m no stranger to road trips with dogs. From Utah to Oregon, Oregon to Utah, Utah to South Carolina, South Carolina to Florida, Florida to South Carolina, and South Carolina back to Utah (plus MANY little weekend trips) we have had our four-legged pup by our sides. And while road trips (mostly) go smoothly now, it definitely took some time for our dog, Lamon, to come around to spending countless hours in the car for sometimes even days in a row. Here are some of the things I have learned about road trips with dogs, and driving with dogs in… Continue reading

march 8 live dog training tips | Pupford

Live Training Tips with Pupford: March 8

This Live Q&A was a part of our 30 Day Perfect Pup Facebook Community! If you want your questions answered on the next live, sign up for the class here. What We Covered on This Facebook Live 1:45- Training when your pup doesn’t like treats 8:25- Working to overcome jumping 11:53- My dog won’t eat their food, what do I do? 16:57- Tips for a first time pup parent 18:57- Helping find solutions to recall problems 21:20- How to get your pup to stop biting 25:25- Extreme barking in the crate 31:15- Learning to go jogging with your dog 34:05- How much… Continue reading

march 4 facebook live | Pupford

Live Training Tips with Pupford: March 4

This Live Q&A was a part of our 30 Day Perfect Pup Facebook Community! If you want your questions answered on the next live, sign up for the class here. What We Covered on This Facebook Live 1:55- Overcoming crate anxiety and whining 4:15- How to train multiple dogs 6:55- Stop the dreaded puppy biting 11:55- Dogs barking at cars and other loud noises 16:00- At what age do you start teaching things besides potty training? 18:50- When is my puppy not a puppy? When should I switch to adult food? 21:00- Issues with potty training a pup 23:15 More questions about… Continue reading

live dog training tips with pupford team february 28 | Pupford

Live Training Tips with Pupford: February 28

This Live Q&A was a part of our 30 Day Perfect Pup Facebook Community! If you want your questions answered on the next live, sign up for the class here. What We Covered on This Facebook Live 3:25- You’re not alone in the difficulties of puppyhood! 4:55- Destructive behaviors like chewing beds, floors, etc. 8:20- How to get your dog to stop jumping 13:10- Get your dog to stop barking at other people and dogs 15:45- Powerful tools to help overcome problem behaviors. Learn more about them here. 22:20- Pups who struggle in group classes, is it worth it? 25:20- Struggling with… Continue reading

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See what some happy pups (and their parents) have to say about Pupford!

Obsessed with Beef Tendons

Otis is obsessed with these chews. He literally leaves giant pools of drool when I pull one out of the bag. And we love it because it’s natural and keeps his pearly whites clean!   Otis

Perfect High Value Reward

My pup is not very food motivated at all but she LOVES these treats. As soon as I open the bag I have her full attention. We love training with these!! Krystal

These Treats are Perfect

These treats are perfect for training. Healthy product, perfect size and Louis loves them! Thank you! Carolyn

Loved by Dog Trainer

I'm a dog trainer, and I have yet to find a doggie client who doesn't love these little treats! And I love that I don't have to worry about running out - they're shipped right to my door regularly. I'm very happy with that treats (and so is my own dog!) Lori

Love at First Bite!

Bought my Pup these antlers and he instantly went to to Chow Town! He chewed on these for three hours non stop at first nibble. He continues to love these daily and satisfies his chewing needs. Thanks Pupford! Saundi