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Dog DNA Tests Guide [updated for 2020]

Dog DNA tests have risen in popularity dramatically in the past couple of years. Here’s why 👇 Some of the best boys and girls we know are mixed breeds. Sometimes you have a good idea what breeds your dog is but just want to be sure. But sometimes, like in the case of rescues, we aren’t sure (but we are sure they are 100% lovable). That’s where dog DNA tests come in. A dog DNA test can serve a few purposes: Give insight into which breeds your mix-breed dog is Help your vet get vital information about how to best… Continue reading

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Best Apartment Dogs

Searching for the best apartment dogs? You’re in the right place! When you live in an apartment complex it’s important that you keep in mind certain variables of your lifestyle when choosing a dog breed. Having enough space available and the general access to outdoors are two factors to consider when choosing your new best friend. Certain dog breeds with lower energy are generally a better fit for apartments since your pup won’t have regular access to a yard for exercise. Large dog breeds that require a more active lifestyle and plenty of space are not recommended for apartment owners… Continue reading

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Dog Birthday Party Ideas

Birthdays? Fun. Dogs? Amazing. Dog birthdays = THE BEST. Your dog’s birthday is a cause worth celebrating. We don’t just mean extra belly rubs — we mean a real party! (although extra belly rubs never hurt.) Throwing your dog a birthday party is a great way to gather your best friends and their humans for some fun. Need dog birthday party ideas? You’re in the right place! Here’s a table of contents if you’d like to jump around: Treats and Chews Bar Photo Op Tasty Treats Outfitting the Pup of Honor Location, Location, Location! Fun Favors Entertaining the Guests Don’t… Continue reading

Dog & Dog Parent Approved

The proof is in the tail wags.

See what some happy pups (and their parents) have to say about Pupford!

Obsessed with Beef Tendons

Otis is obsessed with these chews. He literally leaves giant pools of drool when I pull one out of the bag. And we love it because it’s natural and keeps his pearly whites clean!   Otis

Perfect High Value Reward

My pup is not very food motivated at all but she LOVES these treats. As soon as I open the bag I have her full attention. We love training with these!! Krystal

These Treats are Perfect

These treats are perfect for training. Healthy product, perfect size and Louis loves them! Thank you! Carolyn

Loved by Dog Trainer

I'm a dog trainer, and I have yet to find a doggie client who doesn't love these little treats! And I love that I don't have to worry about running out - they're shipped right to my door regularly. I'm very happy with that treats (and so is my own dog!) Lori

Love at First Bite!

Bought my Pup these antlers and he instantly went to to Chow Town! He chewed on these for three hours non stop at first nibble. He continues to love these daily and satisfies his chewing needs. Thanks Pupford! Saundi