puppy play dates | Pupford

Puppy Play Dates: A Simple Guide

Ahh, puppy play dates. One of the most fun (and exciting) parts of being a pup parent. By now, you’ve introduced your new dog to all the humans in your life, but what about the four-legged friends? New puppy parents are often unsure of how to navigate puppy play dates, and that’s okay. We’re here to help. Here’s what we’ll cover about puppy play dates — use the table of contents below to jump to a specific section: The importance of socializing your pup When should my dog start having play dates? How to introduce a puppy to other dogs… Continue reading

How to Get Dog Pee Smell Out of Carpet

In this article, I’m going to talk about how to get dog pee smell out of carpet and, more importantly, tips for potty training your dog to prevent incidents. Because let’s face it, you’re probably all too familiar with that smell — the smell that tells you that your puppy had an accident while you were gone. What’s worse is when you don’t see any puddles. Which could only mean, much to your dismay, the deed was done on your carpet. So, let’s dive right into the best ways to get dog pee smell out of carpet. But first, here’s… Continue reading

New Year's Resolutions for Your Dog | Pupford

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Dog

Now that we’re into the new year, humans all over the world are making plans and new goals for a successful and happy 2020. Whether you’re starting a new fitness journey or planning a big career move – you are most likely looking forward to starting a fresh, new decade! Why not include your pup in these plans? In the new year, it’s time to set some resolutions for both yourself and your furry best friend! This could mean better behavior, a healthier lifestyle or even checking off a list of new adventures. Some of these plans will require things… Continue reading

walking dog in winter tips | Pupford

Tips for Walking Dog in Winter

Did you say go for a walk?! Sure, let’s go! Just have to grab the leash, and a jacket, and a hat, probably a pair of gloves too… It’s true, walking your dog in winter is not as simple as when the weather is, well… not winter. However, it’s still important that our dogs get exercise in the winter — and let’s face it, nature calls no matter the weather. So we’re here to share some helpful tips for walking dogs in winter. To jump to something specific, check out our table of contents: Walking (even) In a Winter Wonderland… Continue reading

how to stop dogs from destroying things when I'm gone | Pupford

How to Stop Dog from Destroying Things When I’m Gone

The other day I got a message from a frustrated pup parent asking, “How do I stop my dog from destroying things when I’m gone?!” You’ve probably been there too, right?! You come home from an errand to find your favorite pair of shoes chewed, or the couch cushion ripped, or an unidentifiable mess in the corner. And lo and behold, there’s your dog, with a somewhat guilty look in their eyes. (Is it really guilt? We’ll cover that later…) Exhibit A ? If you’ve become frustrated by the fact that you don’t know how to stop your dog from… Continue reading

new puppy socialization checklist pdf timeframe | Pupford

Puppy Socialization: Checklist PDF, Time Frame and Tips for Socializing a New Puppy

Puppy socialization is one of the most important (and underestimated) parts of raising a dog. Getting your puppy’s socialization right (or wrong) can make or break so many important behaviors for the rest of their life. Some of the most common questions for first-time puppy parents are when you should begin socializing your pup, who to introduce them to, and how to socialize them properly. Here’s what I’ll cover in this article (click to jump to a specific section) ? When to socialize a puppy Introducing your puppy to new people, places, and experiences Puppy socialization checklist (you can even print… Continue reading

how to keep house clean with dogs | Pupford

How to Keep Your House Clean With Dogs

One of the hardest parts of being a pup parent is trying to keep your house clean with dogs. Between the slobber, hair, muddy paws, and doggo smell (it’s a love-hate relationship), there’s lots to keep up with! But really, keeping your home free of dog hair, mud, dirt, and drool is completely worth it when you come home to their wagging tail. Here are some tips for keeping up with the messes your dog can create. In this article, we’ll cover the following ? (click a link to jump to that section) Dealing with dog hair and shedding Cleaning… Continue reading

can dogs eat salmon | Pupford

Can Dogs Eat Salmon? The Truth on Raw, Freeze Dried, Dehydrated & Cooked Salmon

Another burning question we get here more than you may think… can dogs eat salmon? In this article, we will dive deep into the world of salmon for dogs. Because here’s the thing, you may not know the whole story about dogs and salmon. If you’re looking for an answer to a specific question, feel free to use the table of contents below to jump to the section and get more information:  Can Dogs Eat Salmon? Benefits of Salmon for Dogs Using Salmon as Treats for Dogs Preparation Types for Salmon Raw Freeze-dried Dehydrated Cooked So now let’s get into… Continue reading

Can Dogs Eat Chicken | Pupford

Can Dogs Eat Chicken? The Truth on Raw, Freeze Dried, Dehydrated & Cooked Chicken

Here’s a question I hear quite often, can dogs eat chicken? Bear with me for a second… there’s more to this question than you might initially think! When you factor in how it’s prepared, what potential benefits your dog can derive, if there are any dangers of chicken, and other important questions, you can see that it’s not as simple as yes and no. (If you’re looking for what fruits and veggies your four-legged friend can have, check out our list here.) We’re going to cover a lot of different areas of this topic, so if you’re looking for something… Continue reading

Dog Hypothermia Signs & Prevention | Pupford

Dog Hypothermia: How to Recognize the Signs & Keep Your Dog Safe This Winter

*DISCLAIMER* If you’re reading this and believe your dog is experiencing hypothermia, take them to your veterinarian for immediate care! As we enter the Winter months, the chilling cold is all too real for most of us! Being aware of the signs of dog hypothermia is more important now than ever. Us humans are stocking up on down coats, scarves, and fluffy hats. We bundle up, turn the heat up and drink hot chocolate by the fireplace. Staying warm and cozy is top of mind as the temperatures begin to drop, for yourself, your family and of course your pup!… Continue reading

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Otis is obsessed with these chews. He literally leaves giant pools of drool when I pull one out of the bag. And we love it because it’s natural and keeps his pearly whites clean!   Otis

Perfect High Value Reward

My pup is not very food motivated at all but she LOVES these treats. As soon as I open the bag I have her full attention. We love training with these!! Krystal

These Treats are Perfect

These treats are perfect for training. Healthy product, perfect size and Louis loves them! Thank you! Carolyn

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I'm a dog trainer, and I have yet to find a doggie client who doesn't love these little treats! And I love that I don't have to worry about running out - they're shipped right to my door regularly. I'm very happy with that treats (and so is my own dog!) Lori

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Bought my Pup these antlers and he instantly went to to Chow Town! He chewed on these for three hours non stop at first nibble. He continues to love these daily and satisfies his chewing needs. Thanks Pupford! Saundi