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Dog Birthday Party Ideas

Birthdays? Fun.

Dogs? Amazing.

Dog birthdays = THE BEST.

Your dog’s birthday is a cause worth celebrating. We don’t just mean extra belly rubs — we mean a real party! (although extra belly rubs never hurt.)

Throwing your dog a birthday party is a great way to gather your best friends and their humans for some fun.

Need dog birthday party ideas? You’re in the right place!

Here’s a table of contents if you’d like to jump around:

So let’s get into it — here are our top 8 ideas to use for throwing a totally pawsome birthday party for your good boy or girl.

Treats and Chews Bar

dog treat and chew bar for dog birthday party | Pupford

(This treat and chew bar is courtesy of our good friend Nacho Corgo. Check out Nacho’s party here.)

Candy, cookie, and cupcake bars are all the rage at human parties, so why not do the same at your dog’s party?

Of course, candy isn’t safe for your dog, so make it dog-friendly by featuring an array of treats and chews.

Dogs will have a great time sniffing and choosing favorites. Not only do they get a tasty treat, but they also get a fun little activity to do too.

You can grab a variety of treats and chews based on the size of your doggy guests — you can find some of our favorites here.

Just be sure your treats & chews bar is either gated off or elevated beyond the reach of any canine guests… or else they may end up stealing the stash.

Photo Op

black dog posing on yellow background at a dog birthday party | Pupford

Photos are the best way to remember your party, and to show your pup off on Instagram! You can make your party pics double-tap worthy by having props on hand (think photo booth) and by setting the scene.

You can make an Instagram-style photo frame with a simple piece of poster board and a printer. Or, you can go the traditional route and pick up some photo booth props and a backdrop from a party supply store.

When in doubt, do both!

Don’t forget to come up with a creative hashtag so you can find all your guests’ pics in one place… bonus points for puns!

Tasty Treats

dachshund dogs eating birthday cake | Pupford

Having a sweet treat at your party is a must, not just for you put for the dogs too!

Some bakeries will make you a “pupcake” that looks just like your human cake, so your dogs think they’re sharing your cake with you! Otherwise, pet stores will usually carry special occasion dog treats that mimic birthday presents and cakes.

Just take a look at the ingredients to make sure they’re good for your dog.

When in doubt, homemade is better! You can find a ton of recipes that are safe for dogs on the internet and tailor them to what your particular pup loves the most.

If you’re having a summertime party, try a recipe like these carrot-apple pup-sicles, which are a delicious treat but also keep the canine guests cool.

When putting together your treats and snacks for the pups, be sure to keep in mind that there are certain fruits and vegetables that are healthy for humans but are dangerous to dogs.

Consult this guide of fruits and vegetables that dogs can and can’t have.

Outfitting the Pup of Honor

a dog in a birthday party outfit | Pupford

The birthday boy or girl needs to stand out from the rest of the guests. A fun party hat, shirt, or bandana is the perfect touch — if your dog is comfortable in them that is.

You can get crafty and make your own, or support Etsy shops and small businesses that specialize in creating dog outfits that make the Instagram pictures THAT much cuter.

Location, Location, Location!

a tan dog in a pink birthday hat | Pupford

One of the best ways to ensure your dog’s birthday party is a success is to have it at the right location.

If you have a house and yard big enough for all your doggie friends to run around and have fun, then great! If that’s not the case, that’s okay!

Some parks and dog-friendly beaches make for great venues since the dogs can be active and playful. If your party is in the winter, a dog-friendly restaurant is a good place for the dogs, and their humans, to socialize.

PRO TIP! If any of your canine guests aren’t used to being around other dogs, you might want to share this article with his or her parents. It gives some great advice and steps they can use to prepare their dog for your party — always make sure your doggie guests are socialized before a large gathering!

Fun Favors for Dog Birthday Parties

dog favor ideas for a dog birthday party | Pupford

You can’t send guests home empty-pawed — wow them on the way out with a fun favor. This can be as simple as a goodie bag of assorted treats (psst — a “favorites” pack like this makes this favor super easy), or you can be a little extra and get customized frisbees and tennis balls.

Whatever you choose, make sure to include a little thank you note so your guests know how appreciated they are — even the ones who can’t read.

Here’s some inspiration — we’d love to hear what else you can come with!

Entertaining the Guests

Dogs love to play together and it’s great for socialization, so why not make it the center of your party.

Bring enough toys to the party so that all the dogs can play together. Make sure to bring a couple of varieties of toys just in case one doesn’t strike the fancy of every dog.

You can also make some super simple but entertaining games that are fun for the dogs but also give their brains some exercise (don’t worry, they’ll only notice the fun!).

For example, this muffin tin game takes about one minute to set up, but can entertain pups for a while! They can learn to solve the puzzle of where the treats are hidden and work together. We suggest taking a video of this because it’s sure to be cute!

Don’t Forget the Humans

While the pups are undoubtedly the stars of the party, you can’t forget the humans. It’s tempting to get caught up in making things perfect for the dogs, so keep the human stuff simple!

You can play on the theme of the party by labeling your food table with cute signs, like “paw-tato chips” and “furrito bowls.” It will add some fun and humor while keeping your human guests from getting hangry.

As for entertainment, you can plan some games and activities if you want, but let’s be real — the best entertainment will be watching your happy pups enjoy their party.

dog with a birthday hat on | Pupford

Recap of Dog Birthday Party Ideas

Throwing a dog birthday party can be a super fun experience!

Here’s a recap of dog birthday party ideas to make it a memorable day?

  • Treats and Chews Bar
  • Photo Op
  • Tasty Treats
  • Outfitting the Pup of Honor
  • Location, Location, Location!
  • Fun Favors
  • Entertaining the Guests
  • Don’t Forget the Humans

Did you have a totally pawsome birthday party for your dog?

We’d love to hear all the details. Drop a comment below!

Written by Devin Stagg

Since being deprived of dogs during his childhood, he and his wife decided to make up for it by having three dogs, two Lab puppies, and one grandpa Puggle. Meaning he is ALWAYS covered in dog hair. When he’s not busy training his dogs and/or picking up their poop, you can find him cheering on Tottenham Hotspur and the Cleveland Browns (yes, you read that right).

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