Dog Chews to Keep Your Pup Busy

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What Makes Pupford Dog Chews Different?

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All chews in our Engage Line are made specifically to engage your dog's mind and keep them busy for extended periods of time.

✅ Simple Ingredients (often, only one)

✅ Low-Calorie & Healthy

✅ Options for Dogs of All Ages and Chewing Ranges

✅ Perfect for Redirecting Problem Chewing and Biting, and For Everyday Use

✅ Helps Clean Teeth and Remove Tartar and Plaque

Why You'll Love Pupford Chews

Dogs CRAVE Them

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  • Tasty flavors and enticing smells that dogs love
  • Keep dogs engaged for extended periods of time
  • Simple to give, no prep or work needed

Perfect for Pups of All Sizes

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  • Chew options for dogs of all ages and sizes
  • Chews that'll last for even the toughest of chewers
  • Softer chews for puppies and small dogs

Healthy & Clean Teeth

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  • All chews are naturally made and healthy
  • Chewing and biting helps clean teeth
  • Safe and healthy ingredients that improve health

Should Our Dogs Chew?

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The answer is 100% YES, dogs should chew. The trick is to give them proper chewing outlets.

🐾 Dogs of all ages should chew, it's healthy for them

🐾 Improper chewing behavior leads to destruction, that behavior should be redirected to healthy chews

🐾 Healthy chewing helps decrease biting problems at a young age

🐾 Chewing helps clean teeth and gums

🐾 Gnawing and chewing provides positive mental exercise and stimulation for our dogs

Try Out the Brand New Beef Tendon Chews

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Ingredients & Analysis

cow icon for beef achilles tendon | PupfordBeef Achilles Tendon

All our tendons are sourced from healthy cattle in the United States. A perfect chew for cleaning teeth and engaging your dog’s mind. Plus, long-lasting for dogs under 40lbs.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min): 80%

Crude Fat (min): 2%

Crude Fiber (max): 1%

Moisture (max): 14%

Calorie Content

3,400 kcal/kg

110 kcal per treat

Always monitor your pup when trying a new chew.

Try Out the Brand New Himalayan Dog Chews

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Ingredients & Analysis

yak milk icon | PupfordYak Milk from the Himalayas

Yak Milk is low in fat, high in protein and contains healthy levels of calcium, zinc, and other vitamins.

salt icon | PupfordSalt

Salt is a necessary part of a dog’s diets, it helps keep cells working properly.

lime juice icon | PupfordLime Juice

Lime juice is added for flavoring.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min): 67%

Crude Fat (min): 1%

Crude Fiber (max): 1%

Moisture (max): 9%

Calorie Content

3,074 kcal/kg

123 kcal per treat (For Small Dog Size)

329 kcal per treat (For Medium Dog Size)

471 kcal per treat (For Large Dog Size)

Always monitor your pup when trying a new chew.

Try Out the Split Elk Antler Chews

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Ingredients & Analysis

elk antler chew icon | PupfordNaturally Shed Rocky Mountain Elk Antler

Elk antlers are a great chew toy to keep your pup engaged for extended periods of time. Most pups love the taste and texture! All our elk antlers are split, Grade A, and naturally shed.

-100% naturally shed elk antlers. Each year elk naturally shed their antlers, meaning no harm or pain is caused to get these antlers.

-Grade A antlers. Grade A antlers are more dense, less likely to crack or splinter, and retain the maximum amount of flavor and nutrients for your pet.

-Each antler weighs between 1.75-4oz. The density means your pup gets more of the tasty marrow!

-Measure 6-8 inches in length. This length is good for pups of most sizes.

Always monitor your pup when trying a new chew.

Tips for Using Pupford Chews

Tip #1

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When destructive chewing starts, redirect to a healthy Pupford chew.

Tip #2

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Always monitor your pup when trying out a new chew!

Tip #3

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Give for their entire life... healthy chewing is a lifetime behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even More Reasons to Love Pupford

Free Training Resources

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We know that training a pup is no easy task! That's why we offer a 100% free online dog training class led by Zak George.

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Real Human Support

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Wanna talk to us about your order or have training questions? Just call us, text us, email us, chat us, or message us on social media.

And, we will actually respond. Good luck trying to do that with those other dog companies!

Pupford Promise

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At Pupford, we stand behind all of our products! If you have issues, just contact us and we will make it right.

We pup parents need to have each other's backs. We've got yours!

15% Off All Autoship Orders!

Some of the Pesky Problems Pupford Chews Can Help Solve

Crate Training Issues & Anxiety

better skin coat and nails for dogs | Pupford

Bad Breath and Plaque Buildup

freshen your dog's breath | Pupford

Destructive Chewing & Biting Behaviors

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Even More Reviews from Happy Pup Parents!

wean off treats over time

Saundie's Review of Pupford Chews

"Bought my Pup these antlers and he instantly went to Chow Town! He chewed on these for three hours non stop at first nibble. He continues to love these daily and satisfies his chewing needs. Thanks Pupford!"

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Pupford Promise

The Pupford Promise – 100% Guarantee

We’re confident you’ll love all of the products we have to offer here at Pupford.

Sometimes though, as life goes, things might not work out. Not happy with something you’ve ordered? We’d love to make it better by exchanging it or offering your pup something else in return. Or, if you’d rather just get a refund, we can take care of that as well. Just send the item back our way within 30 days (must be unopened on second and subsequent orders) and we’ll give you a full refund! This is our Pupford Promise and we never break our promise!

Dog & Dog Parent Approved

The proof is in the tail wags.

See what some happy pups (and their parents) have to say about Pupford!

Obsessed with Beef Tendons

Otis is obsessed with these chews. He literally leaves giant pools of drool when I pull one out of the bag. And we love it because it’s natural and keeps his pearly whites clean!   Otis

Perfect High Value Reward

My pup is not very food motivated at all but she LOVES these treats. As soon as I open the bag I have her full attention. We love training with these!! Krystal

These Treats are Perfect

These treats are perfect for training. Healthy product, perfect size and Louis loves them! Thank you! Carolyn

Loved by Dog Trainer

I'm a dog trainer, and I have yet to find a doggie client who doesn't love these little treats! And I love that I don't have to worry about running out - they're shipped right to my door regularly. I'm very happy with that treats (and so is my own dog!) Lori

Love at First Bite!

Bought my Pup these antlers and he instantly went to to Chow Town! He chewed on these for three hours non stop at first nibble. He continues to love these daily and satisfies his chewing needs. Thanks Pupford! Saundi