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Setting Up an Easter Egg Hunt for Your Dog | Pupford

April 6th, 2023

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Easter is not only a time for humans to enjoy, but it can also be a fun holiday for our furry friends, and no, we’re not talking about bunnies! It’s time to let our doggy friends join in on the fun, too.

This Easter why not set up the perfect activity to celebrate the holiday and also let your faithful companion enjoy a stimulating search for delicious treats? Get your bunny ears on and get ready to discover why your pup will love sniffing out those colorful Easter eggs.

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Organizing an Easter egg hunt for your furry friend can offer a multitude of benefits. This activity is not just a fun way to celebrate the holiday but can also enhance bonding, provide mental stimulation, exercise, training, and promote overall well-being for your dog.

In fact, scientific studies suggest that activities like puzzle-solving and playtime can reduce boredom, decrease anxiety, and enhance the cognitive and physical health of our four-legged companions.

One 2016 study found that dogs who engaged in more playtime and puzzle-solving activities had lower levels of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress, compared to dogs who had less access to such activities. This suggests that providing mental stimulation through activities like Easter egg hunts can have a positive impact on a dog's well-being.


Before setting up an Easter egg hunt for your dog, there are a few things to consider to make sure the hunt is safe, fun, and challenging. Here are some tips on how to prepare for the hunt for your dog:

  • Decide the location of the hunt and how to prepare the space: Choose an area that is safe for your dog to play in, and prepare it by removing any potential hazards such as sharp objects, toxic plants, or chemicals. Ensure the space is not too big or small for your dog to navigate and enjoy the hunt. It can be indoors or outdoors, depending on what your dog prefers.
  • Ensure eggs are too big to be swallowed whole: Choose eggs that are big enough to prevent your dog from swallowing them whole, which can lead to choking or intestinal blockages. Make sure to supervise your dog during the hunt to prevent them from eating the eggs.
  • Choose treats that entice with a strong smell: Select treats that have a strong smell and are irresistible to your dog. This will make the hunt more exciting and engaging for your dog. You can do a test egg prior to the hunt, in order to determine if the treat inside the egg will be potent enough for your dog to track the scent.

Tip: Try our doggy-favorite beef, chicken, or lamb treats. 

  • Make sure to count the eggs: Scatter them around the area and make sure to count the number of eggs you hide to ensure you find them all at the end of the hunt.


Looking to make your dog's Easter egg hunt more challenging and exciting? Instead of hiding eggs in plain sight, consider creating a scent trail using your dog's favorite treat or toy. This can provide an engaging challenge for your dog's nose, leading them to the hidden eggs.

To create the trail, place treats or toys in a line that leads to the hidden eggs. Gradually increase the distance and difficulty of the trail, making sure it's challenging but not impossible for them to follow.

This unique approach can be a fun and stimulating activity for your dog, especially if your dog is not taking to the traditional Easter egg hunt as well as you’d liked. Maybe they are having too much difficulty finding the eggs, or they are easily distracted. In these cases, a scent trail may be more fun for them.

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While Easter egg hunts can be a fun activity for dogs, it's important to keep safety in mind to prevent any accidents or health issues. Here are some safety tips to consider when setting up an Easter egg hunt for your dog:

  • Leash your dog if doing a public event: If you're participating in a public Easter egg hunt with your dog, make sure to keep them on a leash at all times. This will prevent them from running off or getting into scuffles with other dogs.
  • Watch and manage your dog to prevent ingestion of unwanted items: Keep a close eye on your dog during the hunt and prevent them from eating any unwanted items. Risks of choking, gastrointestinal issues, or even poisoning can occur when you’re in a new area.

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  • For dogs with resource-guarding or socialization issues, individual egg hunts may be more suitable: If your dog is possessive or aggressive towards other dogs, it may be better to do an individual egg hunt rather than a group one. This will prevent conflicts and ensure your dog enjoys the hunt without stress or anxiety.
  • Be careful not to mix up chocolate intended for human egg hunts with the dog treat eggs: Chocolate can be toxic to dogs and should be avoided at all costs. Make sure to keep chocolate intended for human egg hunts separate from dog treat eggs and prevent your dog from accessing it.

Make your furry friend's Easter egg hunt unforgettable with Pupford treats. These tasty treats are made with high-quality ingredients that provide nutritional benefits to keep your pup healthy and happy.

Your dog will wag its tail excitedly when they discover these delicious rewards during their Easter egg hunt.

Remember to prioritize safety and have fun bonding with your pup while you celebrate the holiday together. Hop into the fun and make this Easter egg hunt the best one yet with Pupford.


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