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5 Tips for Dog Grooming in the Fall | Pupford

December 11th, 2023

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Whether you’re a “pumpkin spice in August” person or a “going to the beach in October” person, there’s no denying that fall is here and in full swing.

Summer is over and the weather is changing. And whether that brings you immeasurable joy or overwhelming sadness, it’s time to put your feelings aside – for the sake of your dog.

Yes, you heard us right. For your dog.

During transitional seasons like autumn, dogs have different grooming needs. Between repairing any damage from a hot summer to preparing for a harsh winter, the fall is one of the most important time periods for dog grooming.

Let’s talk about five tips for dog grooming in the fall, to help your dog be comfortable and healthy this season!

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ways to heal heat damaged dog paws and skin in the fall

While we hope you were able to properly protect your dog’s paws from dangerously hot surfaces, the dry air and warm temperatures may have left their mark regardless.

You’ll want to treat dry, cracked, or irritated paw pads during the fall, before the extreme temperature and weather conditions of the winter set in.

A paw balm like Butter Up is the perfect way to heal paw pads from irritations or cracked skin. It’s important to choose a paw balm that’s made of 100% natural ingredients that are designed to heal, soothe, and protect. For example, Butter Up is made with beeswax, mango butter, sunflower, and more.

Coats can also face damage from the sun, salt water, heat, and whatever else summer throws your dog’s way. Try introducing a coat conditioner and supplements designed to support your dog’s coat health, like fish oil and omega-3s.

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address skin allergies in dogs

Weather shifts that come with the change of seasons can cause allergies to flare up. Pollen can cling to your dog’s fur and cause skin irritations, itching, and rashes.

Take some time to address these skin issues before they become really troublesome for your dog when the colder and drier air rolls in.

Be sure to brush, de-shed, and detangle your dog’s coat to help get pollen and irritants away from the skin. For existing dog allergy irritations, treat them gently with mild cleansers and natural moisturizers like coconut oil.

If you see severe irritation, swelling, bleeding, or your dog is showing other allergy symptoms, contact your vet for additional treatments.

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how often to bathe dog in the fall

The spring and summer may call for more frequent baths because of outdoor adventures exposing your dog to more dirt, salt water, and unidentifiable substances (or some that you wish you couldn’t identify!).

But as fall settles in, you’ll want to adjust your bathing routine not only in response to a change in lifestyle, but also to prevent colder and drier air from irritating your dog’s skin.

Some adjustments to make:

  • Bathe less frequently if your dog is prone to dry skin. If your dog was bathed weekly during the warmer months, try shifting to every 3-6 weeks or just bathing them as necessary.
  • Use dry shampoo for dogs to keep your dog fresh and clean between baths so you can spread them out a little farther apart and avoid drying out your dog’s skin.
  • Get a shampoo for dogs that kills bacteria, helps heal irritation, reduces shedding, and moisturizes skin and coat.
  • If you are not already, switch to lukewarm water for baths rather than cold or hot to avoid irritation and drying.

And be sure to check out tips for bathing a dog that hates baths!

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Temperatures in the fall have a tendency to drop suddenly and quickly – especially in the early mornings and evenings. It’s best to prep your dog’s paws and nose for cold weather now so they’re ready when it happens.

You know that nifty Butter Up we talked about before? It also acts as a great barrier to protect paws and noses from harsh weather.

It also adds a layer of protection for paw pads that have to walk on cold sidewalks and possibly be exposed to snow and road salt, which can be very irritating.

It’s always best to thoroughly wipe paws after a walk and avoid walks on those surfaces whenever possible, but adding a product like Butter Up will keep your dog safer when you can’t completely avoid those conditions.

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No, we didn’t just switch gears to camping, we’re still talking about dog grooming here!

Whenever you’re thinking about your dog’s grooming, check their TENT:

  • Teeth - Are you brushing or cleaning their teeth on a daily basis? Are you supplementing your brushing routine with dental chews and chew toys?
  • Ears - have they been cleaned thoroughly (yet gently) recently?
  • Nails - Are there any jagged edges or cracks? Are they short enough to not interfere with walking, running, and playing?
  • Trim - Does your dog need their coat trimmed to keep hair out of their face, paws, and ears? Do they have a coat that requires an undercoat treatment?

Running through this checklist for your dog will make sure all regular grooming needs are taken care of in addition to any season-specific things.

It’s easy to let routine grooming fall by the wayside, but these things are so important to your dog’s overall health. If you’ve fallen off the routine, don’t worry! Just use this as an opportunity to pick it back up and make it a habit that sticks.

After all, doesn’t your dog deserve all that primping and pampering? We certainly think so.

Grooming your dog is essential – but it doesn’t have to be expensive, time-consuming or stressful. If you’re looking to tackle fall grooming yourself but are not sure where to start, we’re here for you.

Our At Home Grooming Course has everything you need to know about grooming your dog yourself, from prepping your dog for grooming, to choosing the right tools, to tips and tricks the pros use.

Check out the course to find out exactly how to keep your dog’s hair, nails, and teeth perfectly maintained this fall!


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