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10 Dog Nose Facts + How to Care for & Clean a Dog's Nose | Pupford

December 18th, 2023

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There are few things in this world more incredible than a dog’s nose. In addition to its immense boop-ability, your pup’s sniffer is actually pretty incredible.

But just like any other part of our dogs, their noses need cleaning and care in order to keep them happy and healthy.

We’ll be sharing ways to care for your dog’s nose in just a bit – but we thought it would be fun to start by sharing dog nose facts you may not have known.

After all, the more you “nose” the better, right?


Even though it’s one of the smallest, your dog’s nose is one of their most intricate and fascinating body parts.

There’s so much to learn about the usually wet, sometimes cold, and always cute dog nose, but we’ve narrowed down a few dog nose facts that we think would be the most interesting and helpful for you to know.

facts about dog noses

Here are some stinkin’ cool facts about dogs' noses:

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  1. Dogs’ noses are wet because it helps them smell better. Scent particles stick better to moist surfaces, so the moisture on their nose helps their noses work better. Plus, it helps to regulate body temperature in the heat.
  2. A dry nose does not necessarily mean your dog is sick. It’s a myth that a dry nose is a sign of illness, but noses that are crusty, mucusy, or have sores do need medical attention.
  3. A dog’s sense of smell is anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000 times stronger than a human's. They have 300 million olfactory receptors (humans have a couple hundred) and have a 40% larger area of the brain responsible for processing smells. Dogs can detect scent concentrations of one part per trillion – that’s like one drop of liquid in 20 Olympic-sized pools.
  4. Dog nose prints are unique, just like human fingerprints are.
  5. Dogs can smell continuously. Their nostrils are structured in a way that allows them to breathe in and out at the same time, so they don’t lose a scent while maintaining their breath. They can also control each nostril independently to more accurately track scents.
  6. Dogs can detect many health issues through smell. Certain conditions like cancerous tumors produce alkanes and aromatic compounds that dogs can smell in a person’s urine, sweat, or breath.
  7. Dogs have a “second nose.” Well, kind of. They have an organ called the vomeronasal organ (also known as the Jacobson organ) that helps them detect pheromones – further powering their sniffing abilities. PS- This is part of why dogs sniff each other's butts!
  8. Dogs can smell the passage of time. A dog’s sense of smell is so pinpoint accurate that it can sense changes in the concentration of odor molecules, even over short periods of time. Dogs, especially tracking dogs, use that information to know which direction a person or animal has moved in since they can detect the freshest scent.
  9. Sniffing literally makes your dog happier. Sniffing is one of the main ways your dog learns about the world around them. Processing all that information stimulates their brain, keeping them focused and relaxed. Taking some time during walks or outside training and play sessions to let your dog sniff around is a great way to give them mental exercise and make them happy.
  10. Your dog needs approximately 16 snoot boops per day. Okay, we made that one up, but it can’t hurt, right?!


Since your dog’s nose plays such a huge part in navigating the world, it’s important to take proper care of it and keep it clean.

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Here is what we will cover about dog nose care:

  1. Be mindful of allergies
  2. Clean and groom your dog’s face regularly
  3. Provide plenty of water throughout the day
  4. Protect your dog’s nose from the elements
  5. Note any changes to your veterinarian
  6. Moisturize when you notice a dry nose
white dog with black nose

Let’s chat more about how to care for your dog’s nose below. 👇


A dry nose is potentially a symptom of allergies. If you notice your dog’s nose getting dry, think about the environmental factors, time of year, and any changes in diet your dog experiences.

You may need to chat with your veterinarian about this to make a plan for addressing allergies since it can be different for each dog and situation.


You don’t want your dog’s nose to get irritated or infected. Regular cleaning and trimming of your dog’s face will help prevent that.

This is especially important for breeds with lots of wrinkles and folds in their faces that can trap dirt and bacteria.

The easiest way to clean your dog's nose is to use a wet washcloth (warm, not hot water) and gently wipe the areas around your dog's nose. Be extremely careful about inserting anything into your dog's nose as this can cause damage!


Dehydration can cause a dry nose, which leads to cracks, irritation, and a weakened sense of smell.

Make sure your dog has access to fresh water all day, especially after activity or in warmer weather.


butter up going on dog

Sunburn, extreme temperatures, and wind can all damage sensitive sniffers. Using a balm like Pupford’s Butter Up before exposure to harsh conditions creates a barrier and acts like a sunscreen to protect noses.

Of course, be sure to limit your dog’s time in extreme conditions to reduce the risk of sunburn, windburn, heat exhaustion, or hypothermia. But for everyday exposure, Butter Up will do the trick!

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Sudden changes to your dog’s nose can be a cause for concern. Infections, illnesses, allergies, and even some autoimmune diseases can change the appearance and function of your dog’s nose.

If their nose is suddenly dry, has discharge, seems irritated, or otherwise seems to be bothering your dog, bring the changes up with your veterinarian to rule out any serious conditions.


A moisturizer is a great way to show your dog’s dry nose a little extra love. But you’ll want to make sure you’re using a product specifically designed for pups’ noses, not human skin.

Butter Up is a balm for your dog’s nose (and paws and skin!) made from natural ingredients like mango butter, beeswax, sunflower, and babassu. Not only does it act as a sunscreen and protective barrier, it adds a boost of moisture to soothe and soften.

It also comes in an easy-apply tube, so moisturizing and protecting your dog’s nose is mess-free. Learn more about Butter Up!


We hope you learned a thing or two about dog noses today. They are powerful tools and should be cared for and cleaned on a frequent basis!

One of the best ways to clean and protect your dog's nose is with Butter Up Balm! It's natural ingredients help moisturize, protect, and heal dogs' noses. Shop Butter Up here!

Be sure to sniff around our website (sorry, had to throw one last pun in there!) to learn more about caring for other parts of your dog. Oh, and give your dog a snoot boop from us!

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