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The Dog Training POV Series with Trevor Smith - Leash Walking | Pupford

September 27th, 2023

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As pup parents, one of the things we love to do with our dogs is to take them places! The beach, a park, a trail, a store, a walk around the city, you name it. But walks can quickly take a turn if your dog won’t stop pulling on the leash or if they don’t want to walk with you.

In this video in the Dog Training POV Series, Trevor Smith breaks down different steps to train your dog to walk better on a leash.

The bigger your dog gets, the bigger this problem can also become, so it’s important to work on leash walking with your dog as soon as you can. But regardless of your dog’s age, these tips can come in handy.

Let’s get started!



The very first thing that you want to do when starting with leash training, is to get your dog used to the tools that will be used. Here are some common leash training tools:

Learn all about harness training a dog here.

You don’t want to rush this process as your dog may not like or may not feel comfortable with these items.


  1. Show your dog the item you are working on getting them used to and give them a treat. You can repeat that a bit until they are comfortable
  2. Next, touch the item to your dog. Maybe begin putting the collar around their neck, then give them a treat.
  3. You can slowly work up to being able to put the collar around their neck, treat and praise, then take it off
  4. Repeat these same steps with the leash and/or harness
  5. This teaches your dog that when the collar goes on the treats come, and when it comes off, the treats stop
  6. Practice this a few times a day!

Once they are used to these things, you can work on the next steps.

  1. Begin by walking your dog on a leash in your home, then move into the backyard, then the front yard, then around the block
  2. Don’t rush this process!


You want to show your dog that there is value in staying near you on walks. And that is where treats come in handy. As you are walking around, reward your dog when they are by your side.

If they are pulling a lot, you can also try the stop and go method.

To do this:

  1. Begin walking
  2. As soon as your dog starts pulling, stop moving
  3. Don’t say anything, just wait for them to stop pulling or sit down
  4. Once that happens, begin walking again
  5. Repeat!

For more help with leash walking, as well as other methods to try, check out our leash walking course in Pupford Academy.

Have any other questions about leash walking or other topics covered in this series? Let us know in the comments!


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