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Flirt Pole for Dogs: A Complete Guide | Pupford

December 18th, 2023

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The pup parents in our community are always asking us about the best toys and training tools they can get for their pups. Guess what, flirt poles for dogs are one of the best options out there!

Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about flirt poles as they become more and more popular. So we decided to put together a guide that answers the most commonly asked questions about dog flirt poles.

Plus, if you're struggling with puppy biting then a flirt pole is a must-have for you!! Keep reading to learn why ⤵️

Today we’ll be answering:

  • What is a flirt pole?
  • What are the benefits of flirt poles for dogs?
  • How do flirt poles help with training?
  • How do I use a flirt pole?
  • When to skip the flirt pole?
  • What to look for in your flirt pole?

...and so much more.


flirt pole

A flirt pole is an exercise tool you can use with your dog in a variety of ways. It can provide exercise, help with impulse control, and even improve your bond and communication with your dog!

It’s made of three simple parts ⤵️

  1. A long pole (or expandable/collapsible) made of a light, yet sturdy material
  2. A long string or rope attached to one end of the pole
  3. A lure, like a toy or an attractive material, fastened to the end of the rope

Most flirt poles are between 3-5 feet long, with smaller ones also being available for indoor use.

They closely resemble fishing poles -- minus the hooks, of course.


dog-chasing-after-flirt-pole-toy | Pupford

A lot of people have been asking us what makes a flirt pole more beneficial than, let’s say, a plush toy or a tug rope.

While some of the benefits of flirt poles are certainly found in other dog toys and training tools, they have a few unique benefits themselves that make them worth adding to your collection.

The benefits of flirt poles include

  • It’s a great way to give your dog both physical and mental exercise
  • It teaches coordination as dogs learn how to track down a moving object
  • It’s a great tool for teaching impulse control
  • It allows your dog to chase a fast-moving object while remaining close to you
  • It eliminates the risk of your dog running off with their toy
  • It’s a more effective way to teach a release than with a tug toy
  • It’s super fun for the human too -- you’ll constantly be thinking of new moves to outsmart your dog
  • It means you can play with your dog without your hands being close to their mouths/teeth, which is great for pups that like to bite!

So even if your dog has a good variety of toys for training, mental stimulation, and exercise, adding flirt pole sessions is definitely beneficial.

And again, if your pup likes to bite on your hands or ankles, a flirt pole can be a serious life-changer!

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dog-looking-at-flirt-pole-toy | Pupford

While flirt poles are super fun, they can also help with training. But don’t tell your dog that, they’ll think they’re just having fun! 😉

Flirt poles can help you teach behaviors that are important for your dog’s obedience and safety: sit, leave it, wait, take it, drop it, etc.

You have full control over the object; where it moves, and how fast it moves, so you can change the difficulty level of the behavior as training progresses.

Training with a flirt pole also helps with impulse control. Moving the lure around quickly will rile your dog up -- giving them cues in this environment will help them learn to tune out distractions and focus on your cues.

When your dog’s impulse control is sharp, you can be more confident in their ability to heed cues in busy or potentially dangerous situations.

Again, if you need some help with impulse control, flirt poles are an amazing tool!


dog with high prey drive biting down on a flirt pole toy | Pupford

A dog with a high prey drive can be a challenge. BUT, it can also be a powerful tool to utilize in your training and play with your pup.

My dog Scout has quite a high prey drive. She especially LOVES the chase aspect of the prey drive sequence!

A flirt pole has quickly become one of our favorite toys to use with her. It's also vastly improved her impulse control!

Using a flirt pole is truthfully the only way we've been able to practice getting her to stop chasing squirrels.

If you have a dog with a high prey drive, a flirt pole is truly an amazing option for you and your pup!

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Physically using a flirt pole with dogs is really easy: hold the pole out in front of you so the lure is just out of your dog’s reach and bounce the pole around in different directions so the lure moves unpredictably.

The challenge comes more in knowing the right way to utilize it during a training session.

Here are some ideas 👇

  • Tell your dog to lie down or stay while you move the lure around, making them hold their position until you release them. Their reward for controlling their impulse is playing, so let them get the lure.
  • Engage your dog in play by having them tug at the lure. Give the cue to “drop it,” and reward with a training treat when they do.
  • Take your dog’s physical endurance up a notch by having them continuously chase the lure, changing directions often.

Check out this quick video for more ideas! ⤵️


While a flirt pole is a great choice for most dogs in most scenarios, there are a handful of instances where it’s not the best fit.

Here’s when to skip the flirt pole ⬇️

  • If your dog had a recent injury or a bad joint problem that makes jumping and quick directional changes difficult
  • If your dog isn’t proficient with behaviors like take it, leave it, drop it, etc. You’ll want to work with something static first (like a tug toy)
  • If the dog is unfamiliar to you or with you. Establish a working bond first
  • If your dog doesn’t engage with the flirt pole or doesn't usually like tug/fetch/chasing items. Don’t force it, just try a different method of training or exercise

Otherwise, there’s a pretty good chance your dog will enjoy flirt pole play and will see its benefits!


If you like to make things on your own, you can go for a DIY flirt pole!

Here are materials, tools, and instructions for a DIY flirt pole.

Materials for DIY Flirt Pole

- PVC pipe (about 3/4 inch diameter and about 18 inches long)

- Strong string (bungee style cords are great)

- A squeaky toy or other toys


- Drill with about 3/8" drill bit

- PVC pipe cutter (if you need to cut your PVC)


Here is how you can make a DIY pole for your puppy or dog ⤵️

1. Drill a hole in one end of the PVC pipe, about 2 inches from the end.

2. Cut your string/rope to be about 18-24 inches long.

3. Securely tie your string/rope through that hole.

4. On the other end of your string, securely tie your toy to the string/rope.

5. Get your dog to chase, catch, and drop the toy while moving it around.

The final product will look something like this 👇

diy flirt pole for dogs and puppies | Pupford

The nice part about DIY flirt poles is you can try all kinds of different materials, cords, toys, etc.! Get creative!

PS- If you're like me and often end up spending more time cussing at your tools than getting anything done, you can always buy a flirt pole here! 😉

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If you'd prefer to buy one, I’m sure by now you’ve Googled “flirt poles” and saw that there are a lot of options out there.

A lot of people have asked us what they should look for in a flirt pole so they know they’re making a good choice.

You should get a flirt pole that has the following ⏬

  • A collapsible handle -- not only does this make for easier storage, but it also allows you to adjust the length of the flirt pole so you can use it indoors, outdoors, and for a variety of commands.
  • A variety of lures -- depending on what command you’re training, you might want a different type of toy at the end of your flirt pole. Look for the ability to include plush, tug, and rubber toys with your flirt pole
  • Good quality pole -- you and your dog will put the flirt pole through a lot of pulling and some tugging, so it’s important to have a good quality handle that won’t break.

So, guess what! We've created our own brand new Flirt Pole based on those exact features (all of which came from feedback from pup parents like you)!

You can get one here!


a durable flirt pole for large dogs | Pupford

Anyone with a large dog, like a pitbull or GSD, knows that finding durable toys can be a challenge!

Large dogs are often much stronger than you would think and can end up destroying every toy and game around them.

When searching for a durable flirt pole, make sure it has a thick pole and thick string.

It's also important to make sure the clasps/connections are strong and thick.

We made a flirt pole specifically for larger dogs that covers all the criteria above! Snag a large, durable flirt pole here!


Using a flirt pole for your dog can seriously improve their impulse control, ability to listen around distractions, and even your two-way communication!

PLUS, flirt poles are a seriously powerful toy for tiring out your puppy or older dog.

If you’ve used a flirt pole with your dog before, what’s their favorite toy to use as a lure?

If you haven’t yet, be sure to revisit this page after trying it and let us know how your dog liked it in the comments!

Get your Flirt Pole here!

🐶 Ready to try out a flirt pole for your dog? Shop both sizes here! 🐶


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