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21-Impulse-Control-Games-product-image | Pupford
21-Impulse-Control-Games-product-image | Pupford
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21 Impulse Control Games

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These 21 Impulse Control Games will teach your dog to be calm, focused, and attentive. Learn to overcome problem behaviors like: -Bursting through doors -Jumping on guests -Reactivity on leash -Begging for food -Being overly distracted -Chasing cars, cats, other dogs, etc. -And so much more!

High energy, reactive, and easily distracted dogs can make life very difficult and frustrating! With the help of Impulse Control Games, you can retrain your dog's brain to focus, calm themselves down, and listen when you need them to! 21 Impulse Control Games can help with the following problems: -Reacting to other dogs, cars, people, etc. on or off-leash -Jumping up on guests and other people -Begging for food or table scraps -Bursting through the front door, car doors, their crate door, etc. -Chasing down cars, dogs, cats, bikes, etc. -Excessive barking and so much more!

This course is a GIF-style course. Each "game" has text instructions and accompanying GIFs for that game.

This course is taught by the Pupford Team.