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6 Foot Leash with Double Handle

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This 6 Foot Leash with Double Handles gives you extra security and control while walking your dog. Both handles are padded and the leash (1" width) also has a D-Ring for attaching a poop bag holder. 15% off, part of Tricks and Treats 🎃

To train a well-behaved dog, you need the right tools! And if you want to improve leash walking behavior, having the right leash makes all the difference. -6-foot leash with 2 padded handles -Reflective stitching for safety at night and in low-light conditions -Poop bag holder D-ring -Strong metal clasp -Handle at about 1 foot for extra security and handling in high-traffic conditions or during training sessions Great for dogs of all ages and sizes. 1" width.

The leash is 6' long and has a handle at the end, and an extra handle at about 1' from the clip.

Never wrap the leash around your arm, hand, or wrist. Use the 2nd handle for better control, especially in high-traffic situations.