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Butter-Up-Front | Pupford
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Butter Up

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If you want your dog’s paws, skin, and nose to always feel soft and stay protected, then you need some Butter Up! This paw, nose, and skin balm is made from natural, proprietary ingredients that help soften your dog’s dry areas and even help protect from hot spots and other skin issues! We kept it natural and simple with ingredients like babassu, sunflower, mango butter, and even beeswax. Up to 20% off, part of Tricks and Treats 🎃

Not only is it effective at softening and healing paws and noses, but it is also a natural sunscreen for your pup. To use Butter Up, just apply it to your dog’s paws, nose, or even skin areas that need some extra love. Let it dry so your pup doesn’t try to lick or wipe it off! And just like that, you’ll have a pup with soft, smooth, and protected paws, nose, and skin! All with the help of natural, healthy ingredients. Get yourself some Butter Up today!

Babassu, sunflower, mango butter, beeswax, ilipe butter, helichrysum. Made in the USA of 100% natural ingredients.


Just apply the needed amount onto paws, nose, or any other irritated skin area or places with small cuts or superficial wounds. Avoid contact with eyes.