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Pure-Focus-Lick-Mat-Main-Image | Pupford
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Pure Focus Lick Mat

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Here’s why you’ll love this Pure Focus Lick Mat (NEW design) ⤵️ -Help reduce boredom and destructive behaviors -Helps with anxiety and stress during grooming and bathing -Keep your dog busy and not bored by working your dog’s mind to stay engaged & active -With multiple "spreadable areas", this mat is perfect for dogs of almost any size! 10% off, part of Tricks and Treats 🎃

A Lick Mat is an easy-to-use brain game that helps exercise your dog's mind and keep them busy! Think of it as a lollipop for dogs 😃 When used correctly, Lick Mats help tap into your dog's food drive and keep them happy and distracted. You can use that food desire to keep them distracted during baths, grooming, or just for some tasty fun! Plus, you can use a Lick Mat to help teach behaviors like place and settle!

The Pure Focus Lick Mat is about 8.5" Wide x 7" Tall x 1.25" Thick

How to Use and Clean Your Lick Mat

Additionally, you can soak the Pure Focus Lick Mat in a sink with dish soap and scrub clean. Clean before first use.