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snuffle mat with free beef liver training treats | Pupford
snuffle mat with free beef liver training treats | Pupford
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Snuffle Mat + Free Beef Liver Training Treats

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It’s time to put an end to your dog’s boredom, with a Pupford Snuffle Mat, or what we like to call a Doggy Boredom Buster! And if you order today, you'll get a 2oz bag of Beef Liver Training Treats (225 treats) absolutely FREE! -Help reduce boredom and destructive behaviors and keeps your dog busy -Beef Liver Training Treats have only 1 kcal per treat, only 3 ingredients, and are tasty for your pup -This limited-time deal also includes FREE shipping, order now! Limit of 1 Snuffle Mat + Free Treats per customer, while supplies last.

This pack comes with the following: -1 Snuffle Mat -1 FREE Bag of 2oz Beef Liver Training Treats (over 225 treats)

Snuffle Mat Dimesions

18.5" x 12.5".

Beef Liver Training Treats

Ingredients Freeze dried beef liver, beef heart, mixed tocopherols (natural antioxidant). Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein (min): 35% Crude Fat (min): 35% Crude Fiber (max): 5% Moisture (max): 8% Calorie Count Less than 1 kcal per treat.

How to Use

STEP 1- Grab your Snuffle Mat and sprinkle treats or food all throughout STEP 2- Tell your dog to wait and then place the mat on the ground STEP 3- Release your dog to forage and find all of the snacks inside of the Snuffle Mat

How to Clean

Can be washed in a washing machine (gentle cycle) and air-dried.