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dog training sounds product image | Pupford

Training and Desensitization Sounds

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These training sounds (usable in app or on the website) are vital to desensitizing your dog to new environments, objects, and animals! Access comes with sounds for training like squeaky toys and a training clicker! Plus, you can even record your own sounds to help with your dog's specific triggers. One-time purchase for lifetime access to all sounds!

Animals - 13 Sounds

Bird, cricket, monkey, peacock, horse, duck, crow, rooster, owl, cow, pig, hawk, cicada.

Home - 21 Sounds

Security alarm, doorbell, knock, vacuum, dishwasher, trash bag, air conditioner, blender, ice maker, disposal, timer, alarm clock, shower, blow dryer, microwave, furnace, garbage bin, lawn mower, hose, washer, smoke alarm.

Instruments - 9 Sounds

Blues guitar, trumpet, drums, piano, saxophone, tuba, flute, feedback, electric guitar.

Nature - 5 Sounds

Thunder, river, wave, wind, rain.

People - 12 Sounds

Whistle, cough, play, yell, baby crying, baby noises, sneeze, man yelling, kids yelling, cheering, crowd, laughter.

Pets - 15 Sounds

Small bark, big bark, long bark, growling, collar, purr, meow, hiss, howl, short bark, dogs bark, whining, squeaky bone, ball toy, chew toy.

Random - 4 Sounds

Whoopee, alien, t-rex, light saber.

Transportation - 17 Sounds

Skateboard, honking, motorcycle, bus, bus stop, siren, back up, train, garbage truck, airplane, car alarm, car revving, helicopter, drone, bus door, wipers, bicycle.

World/General - 18 Sounds

Construction, fireworks, gunshots, power saw, nail gun, balloon, bubble wrap, chainsaw, smartphone, jackhammer, school bell, cart, traffic, hand dryer, phone, windchime, party horn, checkout stand.

Record Your Own Sounds

Record up to 3 sounds in the free version, and up to 20 in the paid version. Perfect for your dog's specific triggers.