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[Recipe] Healthy "Candy Corn" Frozen Dog Treats | Pupford

December 18th, 2023

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When it comes to our dogs, there isn’t much we won’t do… including making them their own tasty pumpkin treat. I mean, we get to enjoy all the festive pumpkin-flavored muffins, cookies, drinks, breads, and more, so why not let them join in on the fun?

This simple three-ingredient frozen dog treat is super easy to make, plus it’s filled with ingredients that are actually good for your dog (you already know we are big fans of that)!

Pumpkin purée: contains vitamins like A, C, and E as well as minerals like potassium and iron. Pumpkin is beneficial for digestion (due to its high soluble fiber content), is often recommended to give to your dog when they are having some tummy troubles, and gives a good boost of nutrition! Just make sure to use it sparingly!

Plain Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt contains probiotics (good for the digestive system) and calcium which is a good source of protein. Just be sure the Greek yogurt you are giving to your dog is xylitol free and give it to them in moderation! Remember, more is not always better!

Freeze-Dried Salmon Over the Topper: Not only is this a great way to improve your dog’s mealtime but Over the Topper is also great to use in recipes for a protein and flavor boost! Plus, salmon is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids which support the immune system and help your dog’s coat look nice and shiny.

Try making these “Candy Corn” Frozen Dog Treats!

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🎃 Pumpkin purée (pure pumpkin)

🥣 Plain Greek yogurt

🐟 Pupford’s Salmon Over the Topper


Combine ingredients for the following layers in three separate small bowls, then layer in silicon molds or an ice cube tray. For more defined colors, freeze between each layer.

Layer 1: Pumpkin + yogurt

Layer 2: Pumpkin + Over the Topper

Layer 3: Greek yogurt

Give the treats some time to freeze, then give to your dog to enjoy!

📷: @lunathetrickdog


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