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VIDEO: Hiking with Dogs – Gear, Recall, Trail Etiquette with Amber Aquart | Pupford

May 16th, 2023

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Ready to go hiking with your dog? Be sure to check out all the must-have products and tips for hiking with dogs from Amber Aquart​!

Amber mentions some must-have products for your dog's hike like:

In this video, Amber Aquart​ also demonstrates how to reward your dog during hikes. She rewards for check-ins, coming when called, and of course, just for being a good boy or girl!

She also shows you how to teach your dog to go to the side of trails and wait when other hikers, dogs, bicyclists, etc. pass you on the trail!


Amber Aquart is a CPDT-KA certified animal trainer, certified trick dog instructor and pet lifestyle expert. She started her career as an exotic animal handler and trainer back in 2007 and began professionally training dogs in 2011. Although her primary focus has been training dogs over the last 10 years, she dedicates a special part of her focus on working with and training cats as well as how to safely integrate a multi-pet household and enrich the lives cats and dogs.

As a certified animal trainer, Amber’s ultimate goal is to help people develop the best relationship possible with their pets and to be able to have the “best life with your best friend".

Amber also is the teacher for many courses in Pupford Academy, including Trick Training (Parts 1 & 2), Crate Training & Separation Anxiety.


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Preparing for your hike can help make your outing with your dog much more enjoyable!

When working on teaching your dog to come when called, it is helpful to start in an environment without distractions - like your home, before moving on to a trail or park where there is a lot going on.

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If your dog is great at recall at home but not elsewhere, be patient! Dogs don't generalize behaviors so when working on recall outside go back a step or two. Remember you want to set your pup up for success! We love long leads because they give your pup some freedom to explore, but you're also able to get to them easier if needed!

Check out our full guide to dog recall training here.

And remember to pack the essential items to keep your outing safe and fun, be courteous of other hikers and animals, and make sure to leave no trace when hiking. We want to leave the area just as nice (or nicer!) than it was before we got there.

Any other questions you have about hiking with your dog? Comment below! Happy hiking. :)


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