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April 27th, 2023

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It’s that time of year again -- oh how the holidays always sneak up on us so fast!

There’s no better way to show the furry friends in our lives how much we care about them than by including them on our holiday shopping list. Whether you’re shopping for holiday gifts for dogs, or Christmas gifts for dog lovers, we want to help you find the perfect something.

We’ve put together a guide for some of the best tail wag-inducing gifts available this year. And since we wanted to make it easier for you, we broke it down into categories:

  • Gifts for new dog families
  • Gifts under $25
  • Stocking stuffers
  • Gifts for puppies
  • Gifts for adult dogs
  • Gifts for senior dogs
  • Gifts for dog lovers

Just a quick note before we get into the gift guide: there are so many great gift ideas out there, and new ones are available every day. As much as we’d love to include every option here, it’s just not possible.

Luckily, our comment section is a great place for you to share your additional recommendations with our readers!

Alright, let’s get ready to shop!

Dog by the Christmas tree playing with a toy | Pupford


Getting a new dog in the family is something to celebrate! Here are our favorite gifts for new dog parents:

  • A training starter pack - All the basics they need to start teaching their dog new skills! Shop here.
  • A customized dog bowl - A cute new dog needs a cute new bowl to match! Don’t worry if they already have one, having a second one on hand will make it easier to ensure a clean bowl!
  • Enzymatic cleaner for accidents - Potty training is tough and accidents are bound to happen, but the right cleaner can make the world of difference to a new pup parent. Shop enzymatic cleaners here.
  • A crate training course - Crate training is a crucial part of being able to leave a dog home alone, but a lot of new dog parents stress about it and can benefit from having expert guidance through a course. Shop here.
  • A Lifetime Access Subscription to the Pupford Academy - If training a new dog seems overwhelming, a lifetime subscription to the Pupford Academy can ensure all new pup parents have the guidance and tools to train a well-behaved, happy pup. Shop here.


Having a budget doesn’t mean you can’t get the pup in your life something really great this year. Here are some gifts for dogs that are under $25:

  • A collapsible dog bowl - Don’t let the low price point fool you, having a dog bowl with you on the go is invaluable for car rides, hikes, and days spent out and about. Shop here.
  • A lick mat - Lick mats give dogs something to focus on, reducing boredom, easing anxiety, and distracting them during grooming. Shop here.
  • A snuffle mat - Entertain your dog and give them mental exercise while they sniff and search for treats. Shop here.
  • Jerky treats - These classics are great for dogs of all sizes and ages, spoiling your pup for a low price. Shop here.
  • A toy like the classic Kong - Kong brand toys are safe since they aren’t easily destroyed! You can also fill them with peanut butter, yogurt, or treats for an extra fun activity. Shop here.
    • Bonus! If you’re looking for treats to fill your Kong, these training treats will do the trick, and are also under $25!
Dog outside in the winter in a snow storm | Pupford


Absolutely no judgment for hanging a stocking for your dog. In fact, we encourage it. And we encourage filling it! Some great stocking stuffer ideas:

  • A treat dispensing toy - Perfect for keeping your dog amused and out of trouble when left home alone. Shop here.
  • A tennis ball - Can’t beat the classics! Shop here.
  • A dog training clicker - Take training sessions up a notch with a professional-level clicker. Shop here.
  • A personalized bandana or towel - Help your pup stay stylish and clean with a bandana or towel embroidered with their name!
  • An engage treat - A long-lasting chew treat will help keep your dog’s mouth and mind engaged, but they’ll just be busy enjoying the delicious taste. Shop here.


Puppies have a ton of energy and love to play, explore, and learn -- you should give them a gift that enables all of that! Oh, and don't get me started on the puppy teething phase... Here are some gift ideas for that young pup in your life:

  • A leash training pack - All the tools you need to teach a puppy how to behave on a leash, which is such an important part of puppy training! Shop here.
  • A Kong puppy toy - The Kong brand is durable and safe for your puppy’s teeth, plus it makes a great teething toy. Shop here.
  • A flirt pole - Burn off some of that puppy energy (physical and mental) in a super fun way that’s suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Shop here.
  • A puppy enrichment pack - A few basic things you need to keep a puppy busy and channel their energy in a positive way, bundled nicely into a wallet-friendly pack. Shop here.

Bonus Idea: Check out a new puppy gift box here.


Dog by the fire in a holiday sweater with antlers | Pupford

Adult dogs are usually pretty settled in their routing, so getting them one of these fun new gifts will definitely get them excited:

  • The Super Pup pack - A supplement designed to support immune and joint health, as well as training treats, a tendon chew, and chicken jerky. Shop here.
  • Dog chews - Keep your dog engaged with a delicious puppy chew made of all natural ingredients. Perfect for between playtimes or when you need to leave your dog alone. Shop here.
  • Reward treats - Jerky treats made with no fillers, sugar, hormones, or preservatives!
  • A tug toy - Redirect chewing and biting behaviors during training and play in a fun way. Shop here.


The older dogs in our lives may have different needs than younger dogs, but there are plenty of great gift choices out there for them. Here are our favorite gifts for senior dogs:

  • Dental treats - Older dogs need special attention to their oral health. But they won’t be insulted, they’ll think they’re just getting a treat! Shop here.
  • Super Pup supplement - Support your older dog’s increased digestive, joint, skin, and coat health needs with one supplement. Shop here.
  • A SmartPetLov Snuggle Puppy - Ease anxiety and give your dog a cuddly companion to snuggle up with. Shop here.
  • A new set of ID tags - If your dog is older it’s likely they’ve had their tags for a long time. Get them a shiny new set so their information is clearly visible in case of emergency or natural disaster!
Old yellow lab outside in the winter | Pupford


For the one that seems to bring up their dog, or any dog in any and all conversations. Because, let’s face it, dogs are the absolute best! Here are our favorite for you or your dog loving friend:

  • Dog Mom Sweatshirt - Give your favorite dog mom something they can wear to show off their love for their pup. Shop here.
  • Insulated Water Bottle - Help quench their thirst AND rep their pup with an insulated water bottle that will keep your drink cold for hours. Shop here.
  • Dog sticker - A custom sticker with your friend / family member / your dog’s face on it?! Yes please. Bonus: Put the sticker on the insulated water bottle. Shop here.

What’s on your holiday shopping list for dogs this year? Share in the comments below if you don’t see it in this guide!


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