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Live Training Tips with Pupford: February 28 | Pupford

October 19th, 2023

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This Live Q&A was a part of our 30 Day Perfect Pup Facebook Community! If you want your questions answered on the next live, sign up for the class here.

What We Covered on This Facebook Live

3:25- You're not alone in the difficulties of puppyhood!

4:55- Destructive behaviors like chewing beds, floors, etc.

8:20- How to get your dog to stop jumping

13:10- Get your dog to stop barking at other people and dogs

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15:45- Powerful tools to help overcome problem behaviors. Learn more about them here.

22:20- Pups who struggle in group classes, is it worth it?

25:20- Struggling with potty training and peeing right after going outside for a potty break

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30:55- Leash reactivity, how to overcome it!

35:45- How early is too early to start training a dog?

37:55- Thoughts on flirt poles. You can get one here.

40:30- General thoughts on dog parks

Hope to catch you on our next live Q&A in the Perfect Pup Community!

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