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Live Training Tips with Pupford: March 4 | Pupford

July 19th, 2023

Filed under Pet Parenting

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This Live Q&A was a part of our 30 Day Perfect Pup Facebook Community! If you want your questions answered on the next live, sign up for the class here.

What We Covered on This Facebook Live

1:55- Overcoming crate anxiety and whining

4:15- How to train multiple dogs

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6:55- Stop the dreaded puppy biting

11:55- Dogs barking at cars and other loud noises

16:00- At what age do you start teaching things besides potty training?

18:50- When is my puppy not a puppy? When should I switch to adult food?

21:00- Issues with potty training a pup

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23:15 More questions about crate anxiety and whining/barking during the day

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28:17- Get training help via video conference calls with a certified dog trainer. Check it out here.

30:17- Issues with fence fighting and guarding

34:57- Overcoming submissive or excitement urination

38:05- Stopping a dog from chasing kids while off-leash (you need a long lead- get one here)

43:35- Dogs that are afraid of loud sounds

48:45- Another trainer recommended force and punishment, what should you do?!

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