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Live Training Tips with Pupford: March 8 | Pupford

June 16th, 2023

Filed under Pet Parenting

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This Live Q&A was a part of our 30 Day Perfect Pup Facebook Community! If you want your questions answered on the next live, sign up for the class here.

What We Covered on This Facebook Live

1:45- Training when your pup doesn't like treats

8:25- Working to overcome jumping

11:53- My dog won't eat their food, what do I do?

16:57- Tips for a first time pup parent

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18:57- Helping find solutions to recall problems

21:20- How to get your pup to stop biting

25:25- Extreme barking in the crate

31:15- Learning to go jogging with your dog

34:05- How much exercise should my puppy be getting?

36:10- Why dogs steal socks & shoes & what to do

38:15- How to break a stubborn streak

See our article about more training tips here.


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