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[Video] Nutritious Enrichment Recipe for Dogs Using a Lick Mat | Pupford

December 27th, 2023

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If you’ve been here for a minute, you are aware of our love for enrichment for dogs. Not only does it give your dog something to do, but it also works their brain, can prevent boredom, gives them an outlet to chew, lick, bite, etc, increases calmness, promotes good behavior, and so much more.

It is recommended that dogs get at least 30 minutes of enrichment a day, and while there are a number of ways to go about that, like playing the muffin tin game, towel game, hide and seek, box of enrichment, and putting meals in a snuffle mat, we also love creating delicious and nutritious recipes for our dogs to lick/eat throughout the day!

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Kaylin loves making lick mats with nutritious foods to add to @lunathetrickdog‘s day! Here is one of their favorite recipes.


A Lick Mat(s) like this one or this one

Bonus: Gather up all the lick mats and/or enrichment chew toys you have, add the ingredients (below), then freeze! You’ll have enrichment planned for your pup for the week. Easy peasy.

P.S. we don't recommend feeding your pup lemons 🍋

Plus, for this recipe, you only need three ingredients! It’s a super quick one to throw together!


🥣 Plain nonfat Greek yogurt

🎃 Pumpkin purée

🐟 🥩 Pupford’s Over the Topper Freeze-Dried Meal Enhancer (salmon or beef)

Pumpkin purèe is great because it has fiber and vitamins. The fiber in pumpkin can help with mild constipation and diarrhea and Vitamin A is crucial for brain and eye development, Just be sure that the canned pumpkin only has one ingredient: pumpkin!

Greek yogurt has calcium, zinc, B vitamins, and probiotics, which are all so important for your pup! Just make sure that it is plain Greek yogurt, xylitol-free, and that you give it to your pup in moderation.

Over the Topper will give your pup more protein and additional flavor! It’s made with minimal ingredients, is natural, freeze-dried, comes in two different flavors dogs love, and has no artificial colors.

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1. Mix yogurt and pumpkin in a bowl

2. Spread on lick mats (no need to fill completely!)

3. Sprinkle Over the Topper on top

4. Optional: Freeze for longer-lasting enrichment (or serve unfrozen to make it easier for puppies!)

If you don’t have a meal enhancer on hand, you can also add some small treats to the top, like these

And that’s it! To check out more from Kaylin, you can check out these articles:

To learn more about your dog’s health and nutrition, check out our FREE Basic Puppy Nutrition Course taught by Dr. Greg Sunvold, Ph.D.


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