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Preparing Your Dog for Halloween: 3 Tips & Training Ideas | Pupford

October 16th, 2023

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Halloween is right around the corner... is your pup ready? 🎃

With these 3 tips, you'll be prepped for Halloween!

(You already bought your pup a costume, right?)

This quick episode will break down 3 ways you can prepare your dog for Halloween, both now and on the day of Halloween.

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Video Version of Episode

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Text Recap of Preparing Your Dog for Halloween

Here is a brief overview of what was discussed in the podcast episode (typically, you'll get the most in-depth info by watching the video or listening above)!

TIP #1: Prepare Your Home

dog-whining-in-crate | Pupford

(Starts at 0:36 of the video/audio version – Link opens the video in a new tab!)
Prepare your home.

If you need to keep your dog behind a baby gate, or in another room... then do it!

If your dog can't handle an open door with children asking for candy, then don't give them access!

Steps like this are how we can set up our dogs for success. Don't give them more than they can handle 🙌

Additionally, you can use a white noise machine. And remember, close your blinds and windows.

It's the little things that can help you set your dog up for success 😃

TIP #2: Work On a Strong Leave It

training focused | Pupford

(Starts at 2:05 of the video/audio version – Link opens the video in a new tab!)

Work on teaching a strong leave it.

Hopefully, you've already started this behavior. (If not, you can head to the 'Train by Behavior' section of the Pupford App and find the 'Leave It' behavior... The 'Train by Behavior' section is free forever!)

If so, take it to the next level by ensuring your dog can 'leave' items dropped on the ground.

Come Halloween, it may happen that a piece of chocolate falls on the floor... 🍫

If you practice leave it, your dog will be able to leave that treat alone until you pick it up! So much of dog training is about keeping our pups safe 🐕

TIP #3: Teach the Place/Settle Behavior

Luring-Onto-Place-and-Into-Down | Pupford

(Starts at 4:05 of the video/audio version – Link opens the video in a new tab!)

Teach the 'place/settle' behavior.

First off, this behavior takes LOTS of practice, effort, and time.

So, if you are starting from step 1 with this behavior, understand that you may not be where you'd hope for by Halloween (this episode launched 11 days before Halloween 2020).

BUT, you can still lay a strong foundation!

Check out 21 Impulse Control Games here for a deeper explanation of teaching place!

Or listen/watch above for a more in-depth breakdown... that section starts at about 4:05 of the video – Link opens the video in a new tab!


Remember, one of the most important parts of training your pup is setting them up for success.

So, if for Halloween that means no access to the door at all, then do it!

Also, be sure to tag us on Instagram (@pupford) of your dog in their Halloween costume 😍


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