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4th of july pack | Pupford
4th of july pack | Pupford
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Earn up to $1.07 in Rewards Dollars

4th of July Pack



This 4th of July keep your pup safe and spoiled with this limited-time pack deal. You'll get: -1 Bag of Chicken Training Treats, 4 oz Beef Jerky & 5-Pack of Turbo Tendon -3 Poop Bag Rolls (45 bags total), 1 Snuffle Mat & 1 Pure Focus Lick Mat -Blasting Into Summer Sticker for FREE! Keep your pup happy and safe, all for 20% off for a limited time!

-1 Chicken Training Treats -1 4oz Bag of Beef Jerky Rewards -5 Count Turbo Tendon Dog Chews -3 Poop Bag Rolls (45 total bags) -1 Pure Focus Lick Mat -1 Snuffle Mat -1 Blasting Into Summer Sticker (FREE)

Chicken Training Treats

Ingredients Chicken, Mixed Tocopherols (natural antioxidant). Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein (min): 37% Crude Fat (min): 28% Crude Fiber (max): 1.5% Moisture (max): 8% Calorie Count Less than 1 kcal per treat.

Beef Jerky Rewards

Ingredients Beef Esophagus (Hormone, Chemical, and Additive-Free). Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein (min): 80 % Crude Fat (min): 11% Crude Fiber (max): 1.5% Moisture (max): 10% Calorie Count Metabolizable Energy: 3,400 kcal/kg About 14-19 kcal per treat.

Turbo Tendon Dog Chews

Ingredients Beef Achilles Tendon. Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein (min): 83% Crude Fat (min): 2% Crude Fiber (max): 1% Moisture (max): 6% Calorie Count Metabolizable Energy: 3,400 kcal/kg About 220 kcal per chew.

Pure Focus Lick Mat

The Pure Focus Lick Mat is about 8.5" Wide x 7" Tall x 1.25" Thick.

Snuffle Mat

18.5" x 12.5" with a non-slip bottom.

Blasting Into Summer Sticker

3x3 inches.

Train Items

These treats should be used for dedicated training sessions as a rapid reward. Remember, for most behaviors you'll only need one treat (or even half of a treat) to reward correct behavior. These are also great for hiding in the snuffle mat! It is recommended to slowly introduce new treats to your dog's diet.

Engage Items

Chews should be used to redirect problem biting, chewing, barking, etc. and also just for mental enrichment. Please monitor your dog whenever giving them a dog chew. It is recommended to slowly introduce new chews to your dog's diet.

Reward Items

These jerky treats are sized for "extra special" rewards, or just to let your pup know you love them!

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