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biting and chewing pack main image
biting and chewing pack main image
biting and chewing pack main image
bullystick 4pk
Beef Liver Training Treats
Blueberry Training Treats
Mango Training Treats
Shrimp Training Treats
Sweet Potato Training Treats
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Biting and Chewing Pack



Biting and chewing can be really challenging to overcome. But with the right tools and training materials, you can help your pup overcome those behaviors. Get the Biting and Chewing Pack now. Pack includes: -1 Bag of 4 oz Training Treats (choose from Beef Liver, Chicken, Salmon, Rabbit, Sweet Potato, Blueberry, and Mango) -1 Bag of Bully Sticks (4 pack) -1 Fire Hose Tug Toy Here's why we included these products: -Training Treats: Use high-value, low-calorie training treats to praise the successful moments, like when your pup comes up to you and lets you pet them without getting nippy. -Bully Sticks: Chews, like Bully Sticks can help with biting and chewing. The right chew will help your pup burn off some energy and fill their need to nibble. -Tug Toys: Tug of war can quickly help eliminate puppy biting through redirection! Redirecting to a game of tug of war can help teach your pup what is okay and not okay to chew on. This pack is good for dogs of all sizes. Price will vary depending on the products you select.

Training Treats: At only 1 kcal a piece, these are the perfect treat to repetitively reward your dog during a training session. Plus, they contain 3 ingredients or less and are high-value, making it so your dog actually wants to perform the behavior/cue and you don't have to feel guilty about what you're feeding them. Win-win. Bully Sticks: When you want to redirect problem behavior, redirect your dog to a tasty chew. All dogs need to chew, they just need to be given the right outlet to do so. So skip the shoes ;) or rawhide treats (these can be dangerous for dogs) and give them a healthy, long-lasting chew instead. Tug Toy: -Tug is a great way to get your dog's energy out, redirect problem behaviors, and interactive games can improve your bond and communication.

Choose one Training Treat (Beef Liver, Chicken, Shrimp, Salmon, Rabbit, Sweet Potato, Blueberry, or Mango) Choose your Bully Sticks Choose one tug toy (red or yellow)


Natural, healthy ingredients


Perfect for dogs of all sizes


Put an end to biting and chewing

Here's what you need to do: Step 1: Choose your pup's favorite training treat (3 ingredients or less, 1 kcal a piece, 400+ treats per bag) Step 2: Choose our top-selling Bully Sticks (long-lasting, 1 ingredient) Step 3: Choose your tug toy (Strong durable material that can withstand tug from even the strongest dogs) Step 4: Add to Cart And there you have it! You customized the perfect bundle for your pup.

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100% free online training class for a well-behaved dog!

All pups are good pups. But with our proven training methodology, you'll have a better-behaved dog in as little as 30 days.


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My border collie and bichon have never been so focused on me until I got these treats. The only thing that competes is prosciutto! But this is so much healthier and affordable, so I'll stick with pupford!


I’ve used these treats since my dog was a puppy. I watched the Zak George 30-day training program and these treats worked great in the process! My dog loves them so much and they, so they are still an effective training tool.


Just love Pupford. It’s not just about the dog treats and products, even though my little Henry is crazy about them. It’s also that the emails and classes have been so helpful. I have learned (and keep) learning what to do and not to do, in raising Henry.


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