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Bully Stick 12 Inch Dog Chew 1 Pack

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The tasty (and healthy) Bully Stick chew will keep your pup’s mouth engaged and help reduce unwanted biting and chewing (plus dogs love tasty chews)! -Natural ingredients -Great size for large dogs (about 12 inches) or strong chewers -United States-sourced and made -1 Pack


Beef Pizzle.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min): 80% Crude Fat (min): 1% Crude Fiber (max): 2% Moisture (max): 15%

Calorie Count

Metabolizable Energy: 2,625 kcal/kg About 150 kcal per stick.

Chews should be used to redirect problem biting, chewing, barking, etc. and also just for mental enrichment. Please monitor your dog whenever giving them a dog chew. It is recommended to slowly introduce new chews to your dog's diet. Since the size of dogs is so different, watch the calorie count and how that plays into your dog's overall diet.


Reduce Problem Behaviors


Natural, Healthy Chew


Helps Clean Teeth

Bully Stick Chews aren’t just any old “treat”. They are a powerful training tool to engage your pup’s mouth and mind. Dealing with constant biting and chewing can drive you crazy and leave you feeling hopeless. With these Bully Stick Chews, you can overcome your pup’s problem behaviors and end the mouthing problems. Finally! The problem with other chew toys and treats is they get destroyed quickly. With Bully Stick Chews, you’ll have a healthy chew option that will keep your pup happy for extended periods. And when your pup is happy, you’re happy. All of our Bully Stick Chews are made from natural ingredients, keep pups engaged for extended periods of time. So buy some now and start redirecting those problem behaviors to a tasty Bully Stick. Don’t forget, they’re backed by our Pupford Promise. Part of the Engage Line.

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Suggested Training

Understand your dog's stress, calming, and other body language signals.

Our dogs may not be able to talk, but they can communicate their feelings with us, through their body language. Learn more in this course.


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Whenever Enzo needs re-direction I ask him who wants a bully stick and he stops to come and get his bully stick. He LOVES them!!!



Looking online you can find a thousand options for Bully Sticks (I’ve tried a lot). I truly won’t buy from another company again after using Pupford’s. The consistency, value, and quality of Pupford’s products are second to none. My dog gets HYPED when I bust out that blue bag. I’m thankful for Pupford every day because their treats and chews are simply the best.



My puppy absolutely loves these bully sticks! He was immediately interested in them, which was a huge win since he can sometimes be a bit picky! Each bully stick keeps him busy for a while, too, making these a perfect pastime for a a busy pup!



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