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Dog First Aid Course Product Image
Dog First Aid Course Product Image
Dog First Aid Course Product Image
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Dog First Aid


The Dog First Aid Course will help you gain skills and confidence to keep your dog safe in emergencies and in life generally! You'll learn: -What to do in an emergency -How to perform CPR on your dog -DIY remedies for wound, paw, and nail care, how to dog-proof your home, preventative tips, what vaccines dogs need, and more! This course is taught by Shelby Baden, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Disclaimer: This course is NOT a replacement for a vet visit or proper medical care. If you have questions about your pup's health or well-being, especially if it's an emergency, contact your vet immediately.

This is a Video-Style Course. Each section has a video with accompanying text recaps.

Shelby Baden is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and is a practicing Emergency Vet in Tampa, Florida.


Gain confidence with at-home safety skills


Learn to perform CPR on your pup


Understand pet emergencies and how to handle them

When your pup gets injured or sick, it can be a stressful and scary situation. And knowing when you should (or shouldn't) go into the vet can seem like guesswork, too! Luckily, in this course, Shelby Baden DVM will help break down many of the common dog injuries and health issues and help you know what to do!

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"Had several modules for different pups first aid topics like emergency situations, at home care, and vaccine info. I especially liked the dental information because that's something I've been struggling with. Would recommend to anyone who wants to have some pup first aid info on hand at all times."

Jules Kolln

"I really liked all the videos they have but my favorite ones were the at home remedies and CPR. All the videos are pretty helpful and educational."

Tatiana Gonzalez

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