Sodapup Enrichment Chew Toy Pack | Pupford
sodapup enrichment chew toy pack | Pupford
sodapup enrichment chew toy pack | Pupford
sodapup enrichment chew toy pack | Pupford
cherry pie enrichment chew toy front | Pupford
double trouble toy | Pupford
retro van toy | Pupford
wishbone toy | Pupford
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Sodapup Enrichment Chew Toy Pack



Sodapup Enrichment Chew Toy PackSodapup Retro Van Enrichment Chew ToySodapup Cherry Pie Enrichment Chew ToySodapup Wishbone Enrichment Chew ToySodapup Double Trouble Enrichment Chew Toy

Here’s why you’ll love this Enrichment Chew Toy Pack⤵️ -Help reduce boredom and destructive behaviors -Helps with anxiety and stress during grooming and bathing and when left alone -Can be filled with spreads (peanut butter, etc.) or treats! -Comes with 4 toys: Cherry Pie, Retro Van, Double Trouble & Wishbone 10% OFF this pack deal (discount already applied)!

Enrichment Chew Toys are easy-to-use brain games that helps exercise your dog's mind and keep them busy! Think of it as a lollipop for dogs 😃 When used correctly, these enrichment toys help tap into your dog's food drive and keep them happy and distracted. You can use that food desire to keep them distracted during baths/grooming, when you need your dog to relax, or just for some tasty fun!

How to Use Your Toy

This toy is dishwasher safe (top rack) or can be cleaned with warm soapy water.

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