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Flirt-Pole-with-2-Toys | Pupford
Flirt-Pole-with-2-Toys | Pupford
Flirt-Pole-with-2-Toys | Pupford
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flirt pole with toysflirt pole with toys
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flirt pole base
dog-chasing-after-flirt-pole-toy | Pupford
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Extendable Flirt Pole for Dogs Under 20 Lbs


Extendable Flirt Pole for Dogs Under 20 LbsExtendable Flirt Pole for Dogs Over 20 Lbs

Tap into your dog's natural prey drive to help train impulse control and even give them physical exercise (indoors and outdoors)! -Handle extends from 10" to about 23" (great for storage and travel) -Comes with a strong rope toy (about 7" long), BONUS plush toy & an extra rope -Total length with rope, handle extended, and the toy is about 60" (5 feet) This size is best for dogs UNDER 20 lbs.

The handle extends from 10" to about 23" (great for storage and travel). The full extended length with the rope and toy is about 60" or 5 feet.

How to Use a Flirt Pole

Important Info for Pupford Flirt Pole


Encourage Dog's Prey Drive


Physical and Mental Exercise


Perfect for Puppies, Adults & Senior Dogs!

A Flirt Pole is an easy-to-use toy that helps exercise your dog and work on training and impulse behaviors! If you've ever played with a toy that cats chase, think of that 😃 When used correctly, Flirt Poles help tap into your dog's natural prey drive. You can use that desire to chase to get them tired out mentally and physically! Plus, you can use a Flirt Pole to help teach impulse control and behaviors like leave it, stop, and more!

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Suggested Training

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My dog absolutely goes crazy for the flirt pole . Literally flips when I bring it out . Great for training impulse control. I make him lay down and wait before he gets a click and is able to get it .


My 3 month old Husky adores this toy. It really gets her energy out. It is great for teaching “leave it” and it redirects her when her behavior is less than optimal.


My Jack loves this lure. He plays with it so much I have to tell him it’s time for it to go to sleep:). He sits by the closet waiting for me to take it out.!


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