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Firehose Tug Toy
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Fire Hose Tug Toy - Red



Here’s why you’ll love this Fire Hose Tug Toy 👩‍🚒 -Tug is a great way to get your dog's energy out -Interactive games like tug help improve your bond and communication with your dog -Strong durable material that can withstand tug from even the strongest dogs -Strong handles allow for better games of tug Note: This is NOT a chew toy. Don't let your dog have it unsupervised, it is made for tug 😄

The toy is about 19" long x 1.75" wide and weighs about 4.5 oz.

Grab one end and engage in tug with your dog! NOTE: This is NOT a chew toy. Do NOT allow your dog to chew on it unsupervised, it is for tug only.


Durable & Strong


Physical Exercise


Bonding & Fun

Tug is a valuable game and training tool to keep your pup engaged, exercised, and even more responsive to your cues (like drop it, leave it, etc.). With the Fire Hose Tug Toy, you'll have confidence while you play extended games of tug with your pup. If you're ready for a durable toy that can withstand your dog's tug games, get your Fire Hose Tug Toy today!

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Suggested Training

22 activities to engage your dog's mind & keep them busy.

With these Enrichment Activities, you'll have access to 22 activities that will help keep your dog engaged, improve their confidence, and help decrease problem behaviors.


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My almost 2 year old loves to tug! This toy is durable and will withstand her tugs. It’s easy to hold too! Even my other golden likes it and he never tugs


This toy was perfect for our dog (who LOVES to play tug games)! Everything we use generally gets ripped super easily or is hard to grab onto when he’s pulling it away. This toy was the BEST and didn’t do either of those! Definitely as advertised. Love it👍🏼👍🏼


Our dog literally chews through EVERYTHING (and loves tug of war) We’ve had a hard time finding something that doesn’t fall apart after he gets ahold of it. This holds up SO well, he loves it and we don’t have to worry about having to buy a new one next week! Love it!


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