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Freeze Dried Salmon Training Treats | Pupford
Freeze Dried Salmon Training Treats | Pupford
Freeze Dried Salmon Training Treats | Pupford
Freeze Dried Salmon Training Treats Ingredients | Pupford
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Freeze Dried Salmon Training Treats


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These high-value salmon treats capture attention, and keep it. Once you’ve got their attention with these treats, you’ll be one step closer to training a perfect pup. -Small size, perfect for training -Less than 1 kcal per treat and only 2 ingredients -Over 475 treats per bag! -No need to refrigerate, store anywhere -Sourced and made in the USA NOTE: These treats do have a strong "fish" smell, which most dogs absolutely love but occasionally some humans might find a little “stinky”.


Wild-Caught Salmon, Mixed Tocopherols (Natural Antioxidant).

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min): 42% Crude Fat (min): 15% Crude Fiber (max): 3% Moisture (max): 8%

Calorie Count

Less than 1 kcal per treat.

Calorie Intake

Treats should only make up about 10-15% of your dog's daily caloric intake.

Using the Treats

These treats should be used for dedicated training sessions as a rapid reward. Remember, for most behaviors you'll only need one treat (or even half of a treat) to reward correct behavior. It is recommended to slowly introduce new treats to your dog's diet.


Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids


Improves Skin and Coat Health


Low Calorie Treats

Salmon offers several health benefits for dogs, making it a valuable addition to their diet. Here are some key benefits of salmon for dogs: -Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids: They can improve the shine and health of your dog's coat, reduce itchy and flaky skin, and allergies. -Anti-inflammatory Properties: Helps dogs with joint problems like arthritis, or those with chronic inflammatory diseases. -Supports Brain Health: Particularly beneficial for puppies in their developmental stage, as well as for older dogs to help maintain their cognitive function. -Lean Protein Source: Eessential for muscle growth and maintenance in dogs. -Rich in Vitamins and Minerals: Like B vitamins, potassium, and selenium. These are important for energy production, immune function, and maintaining a healthy thyroid.

Additional Info


Suggested Training

Safely and humanely overcome leash pulling and lunging with the Leash Walking Video Course taught by Traci Madson CPDT-KA.

Practical tips on how to overcome lunging at people, other dogs, etc. while on leash and general poor leash behavior. Get in-depth videos of different techniques and what tools to use for leash walking.


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See for yourself what other pup parents think and the products they trust.

My 8 month puppy is very picky with his treats but he LOVES these! I also selfishly love them because they don't get your hands sticky like other treats and they're the perfect size for training.


Not only is it the favored training treat of both puppies, but I crush them as well and sprinkle on kibble as a topper and they always eat there food immediately!


I just got a new dog and she was being SO PICKY with everything I tried to feed her (possibly nerves). As soon as I purchased this she was willing to practice her skills because of these! I went back and purchases more and other varieties of treats for her from Pupford. I love that they are healthy too!


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