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Freeze Dried Sweet Potato Training Treats | Pupford
Freeze Dried Sweet Potato Training Treats | Pupford
Freeze Dried Sweet Potato Training Treats | Pupford
sweet potato dog training treats benefits | Pupford
Freeze Dried Sweet Potato Training Treats Ingredients | Pupford
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Earn up to $0.14 in Rewards Dollars

Freeze Dried Sweet Potato Training Treats


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These sweet potato training treats are the perfect non-meat treat to mix things up for your dog. Once you’ve got their attention with these treats, you’ll be one step closer to training a perfect pup. -Small size, perfect for training -Less than 1 kcal per treat and only 1 ingredient -Over 450 treats per bag! -No need to refrigerate, store anywhere -Sourced and made in the USA


Pure freeze dried sweet potato.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min): 7% Crude Fat (min): 0% Crude Fiber (max): 6% Moisture (max): 10%

Calorie Count

Less than 1 kcal per treat.

Treat Intake

Treats should only make up about 10-15% of your dog's daily caloric intake.

Using the Treats

These sweet potato treats should be used for dedicated training sessions as a rapid reward. Remember, for most behaviors, you'll only need one treat (or even half of a treat) to reward correct behavior. It is recommended to slowly introduce new treats to your dog's diet.




Keep Dogs' Focus & Attention


Low Calorie

Training treats should be made specifically for training, and that’s exactly what we’ve done. You don’t need (and shouldn’t use!) a giant hunk of meat to train, just bite-size, tasty pieces that’ll get your pup’s attention! When you put these into your bag of training tools, you’ll be preparing your pup to listen, focus, and follow correct behaviors. Other treat companies sell “training” treats that are too big, messy, and sometimes filled with sugar and other junk ingredients. With Pupford Sweet Potato treats, you know exactly what you’re giving your pup. Just healthy, purposeful treats that will unlock your inner dog-trainer-mojo and improve your dog’s behavior, quick! Best of all, they’re backed by our Pupford Promise. Part of the Train Line.

Additional Info


Suggested Training

100% free online training class for a well-behaved dog!

All pups are good pups. But with our proven training methodology, you'll have a better-behaved as little as 30 days.


Don't just take our word for it

See for yourself what other pup parents think and the products they trust.

This is an awesome treat when you are looking to mix it up and use a non-meat option. They are also low calorie so I don’t have to worry about how many they are getting either. We have loved having a variety of treats to offer them!


My puppy loves these treats! We leave them in different rooms of the house for spontaneous training opportunities. We don't have to worry about them going stale, and our 3 lb puppy loves the variety of flavors in his rewards. Since he is so small, we love that they are low in calories so that we can train and reward frequently without worrying about his diet.


Pupfords Sweet Potato treats are without question the best treats on the market for training, and just for treating! With this treat you are able to rapidly reward your dog, all with minimal calorie impacts and a net nutritional benefit. With the single ingredient you know exactly what you are getting, and the fiber helps keep your puppy stomach settled when it comes to lots of treats during training! We have been using these nonstop for months, and would not train with anything else!


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