Medium Dog Alone Time Pack | Pupford
medium dog alone time pack | Pupford
medium dog alone time pack | Pupford
medium dog alone time pack | Pupford
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Medium Dog Alone Time Pack


Puppy and Small Dog Alone Time PackMedium Dog Alone Time PackLarge Dog Alone Time Pack

If you need help keeping your dog busy, or just wants some fun enrichment, then you'll love this Medium Dog Alone Time Pack. Comes with 1 Snuffle Mat, 1 Pure Focus Lick Mat, 1 Bag of Chicken Training Treats, 1-Count of Medium Himalayan Dog Chew & 4-Count of Bully Stick Dog Chews. The difference between pack sizes is the size of the Pure Focus Lick Mat and the Dog Chews.

-1 Snuffle Mat -1 Pure Focus Lick Mat -1 Chicken Training Treats -1-Count Medium Himalayan Dog Chews -4-Count Bully Stick Dog Chews

Snuffle Mat Dimensions

18.5" x 12.5".

Lick Mat Dimensions

The Pure Focus Lick Mat is about 8.5" Wide x 7" Tall x 1.25" Thick.

Chicken Training Treats

Ingredients Chicken, Mixed Tocopherols (natural antioxidant). Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein (min): 37% Crude Fat (min): 28% Crude Fiber (max): 1.5% Moisture (max): 8% Calorie Count Less than 1 kcal per treat.

Medium Himalayan Dog Chew

Ingredients Yak milk, salt, lime juice. Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein (min): 67% Crude Fat (min): 1% Crude Fiber (max): 1% Moisture (max): 9% Calorie Content Metabolizable Energy: 3,074 kcal/kg About 329 kcal per treat

Bully Stick Dog Chew

ngredients Beef Pizzle Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein (min): 80% Crude Fat (min): 1% Crude Fiber (max): 2% Moisture (max): 15% Calorie Content Metabolizable Energy: 2,625 kcal/kg About 75 kcal per stick.

How to Use Snuffle Mat

STEP 1- Grab your Snuffle Mat and sprinkle treats or food all throughout STEP 2- Tell your dog to wait and then place the mat on the ground STEP 3- Release your dog to forage and find all of the snacks inside of the Snuffle Mat

How to Clean Snuffle Mat

Can be washed in a washing machine (gentle cycle) and air-dried.

How to Use and Clean Your Lick Mat

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