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Oops Eraser Enzymatic Cleaner


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Accidents happen, even for the best-trained dogs. Whether it's urine, vomit, or stinkier messed, Oops Eraser is here to help! This enzymatic cleaner works deep below the surface to remove stains and smells from urine, feces, or vomit. -Made in the USA with only 3 simple, powerful ingredients -Completely removes stains and smells to help reduce repeat marking in the same area -Natural enzyme blend with orange scent

Water, Proprietary Enzyme Blend, Natural Orange Oil. Made in the USA.


Shake well before each use. Remove as much of the mess as possible with a damp towel or cloth before use.

For Small & Surface Messes

Step 1- Shake and spray liberally on affected areas. Step 2- Wait 30-60 minutes. Step 3- Blot with a dry towel and let air dry. Repeat as needed.

For Larger & More Stubborn Messes

Step 1- Shake and spray liberally on affected areas. Step 2- Cover with dry towel and a weighted object (ex: books, dumbbell or other heavy object). Step 3- Wait 60+ minutes, but overnight is best. Step 4- Vacuum the affected area. Repeat as needed.


Simple & clean ingredients


Removes smells & stains below the surface


Powerful cleaning with an amazing scent

With our powerful enzymatic cleaner, you can get rid of even the deepest smells and stains. Removing those smells are essential in ensuring your dog doesn't return to previous accidents for another accident (or marking). Oops Eraser is made with a natural, professional strength enzymatic blend. Plus, the natural orange scent will leave your home with a refreshing smell (much better than what you're cleaning up 😉)!

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Suggested Training

Teach your dog to be fully potty trained, no matter their age or history

Potty training issues can be very difficult and frustrating for you (and your carpet)! With the help of the Potty Training Course, you can overcome your dog's potty issues with safe and humane training techniques and finally help your pup learn exactly where to go potty!


Don't just take our word for it

See for yourself what other pup parents think and the products they trust.


"We love this product. It removes any trace of an accident. It does not smear or leave a residue on our hard wood floors and it works perfect with carpets/rugs. We highly recommend."



"I can’t tell you how many cleaners I have under my sink that say all the same things (removes stain/odor) but they definitely do not work the same and are full of chemicals! I love this cleaners because it is NATURAL, works great, and smells amazing! Throw your other cleaners out, this is the only one you need!"

Stephanie Chapman


"Gets the job done cleaning up stains from throw up, urine, you name it. Really do love the smell as well!"



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