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Potty Pads for Dogs


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Accidents are bound to happen, and in the beginning stages of potty training, it is so important to have some backup protection when those accidents do happen! With our super absorbent potty pads, you can line your dog’s play area, crate, or other potty areas to help protect your floors and make cleanup easier. -Heavy-duty, thick, and made with super absorbent polymer -Comes with 40 pads -Each pad is about 22x22 inches

22x22 inches. Thick pads made with ultra-absorbent polymer.


Lay the potty pad down where you may want to help protect your floors against accidents. For potty pad training, set a timer for 20 minutes, and when it goes off take your dog onto the potty pad and say 'potty'. When they go on the pad, reward them with a treat!


Extra thick to catch all the messes


Ultra-absorbent to keep your floors safe


Large size to capture anything you need

We believe you should have full confidence in your potty pads, and that's why we've made these thick and absorbent! These pads are extremely heavy-duty and are made to withstand even the biggest potty messes 💩

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Suggested Training

Teach your dog to be fully potty trained, no matter their age or history

Potty training issues can be very difficult and frustrating for you (and your carpet)! With the help of the Potty Training Course, you can overcome your dog's potty issues with safe and humane training techniques and finally help your pup learn exactly where to go potty!


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"We can literally pour a whole cup full of water on these and it soaks it all up with no wet underneath. They work great!"



These are perfect to put in a play pen area for my puppy, or in his crate for an extra layer of protection just in case."



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