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Potty-Training-Course-Product-Image | Pupford
Potty-Training-Course-Product-Image | Pupford
Potty-Training-Course-Product-Image | Pupford
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Potty Training


The Potty Training Course will help you finally effectively potty train your pup! Here’s more of what you’ll learn: -Why dogs have potty training issues -Specific types of potty training issues and how to overcome them -What to do when your dog has accidents and more!

Traci Madson CPDT-KA

-CPDT-KA with over 20 years of experience -Runs Three Little Pits Pawsitive Dog Training -Has worked with thousands of rescue dogs -Loves hiking, snowshoeing, camping and playing guitar


Learn Proper Potty Behavior


Reduce Excitement/Submissive Urination


Overcome Other Potty-Related Behaviors

Whether you have a puppy just trying to learn proper potty behaviors, have a dog regressing in potty training, have a dog that excitedly/submissively urinates, or exhibits excessive marking behaviors, this course can overcome your dog's potty issues with safe and humane training techniques.

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