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Pupford Academy Semi-Annual Plan


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What you'll get with Pupford Academy access: -Access to ALL of our digital training courses (Over 10 courses covering 75+ behaviors, tricks, and more) -Access to all future courses that will be released (as long as your subscription remains active) -Access to exclusive content like articles, podcast episodes, and more!

The Pupford Academy Includes Access to the Following Courses (plus, many new releases coming soon): -Separation Anxiety Course (new course to overcome anxiety and left-alone behaviors) -Reactive Dog Course (overcome leash and general reactivity) -Trick Training Part 2 (teach your dog more advanced tricks) -Leash Walking (course to help teach your dog to walk calmly on leash -Enrichment Activities (course to help engage your dog's mind) -Potty Training Course (overcome all types of potty training problems) -TrIck Training (course to teach your dog fun, new tricks) -21 Impulse Control Games (helps stop bad manners, bursting through doors, begging for food, jumping on guests and more) -Barking Solutions (to finally put an end to unwanted barking) -Recall Mastery (step-by-step exercises ensuring your dog's successful recall) -7 Day Recall Challenge (7 days to teach your dog a reliable recall) -Dog First Aid (basics of first aid, and when to take your dog to the vet) -Dog Body Language (understand what your dog is communicating to you through body language) -At Home Grooming Course (course to learn how to groom your dog at home) -BONUS Content Covering: Biting, jumping, four quadrants of learning, and more! -PLUS, many more new courses to be released within the coming weeks and months

These courses are taught by a variety of certified positive reinforcement dog trainers, nutritionists, veterinarians, and more. Enjoy classes taught by: -Amber Aquart CPDT-KA -Traci Madson CPDT-KA -Trevor Smith CPDT-KA -Dr Shelby Baden DVM -Greg Sunvold Ph.D. -The Pupford team


Raise a well-behaved pup


Multiple course formats & styles


Over 75 behaviors & tricks

Raising a well-behaved dog is difficult and at times, downright frustrating. With the Pupford Academy, you'll have access to everything you need to raise the happy and well-behaved pup of your dreams! All of our courses use Positive Reinforcement, Science-Based techniques to help you train your dog safely, effectively, and humanely.

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I was searching for something to help train our pup and came across this website. We used a couple of other resources they offered and had great success! When this came out I ordered it and wasn't disappointed! Great games with easy steps and instructions and the best part is my dog is learning!!!



I love the Pupford Academy! Everything presented is very thorough, easy to understand, with great videos. I’ve checked out Dunbar’s Dog Academy, and have received ads for other online trainings but they were more expensive and very technical sounding. I also took my dog to a local puppy class and while it was great for socialization I didn’t learn much else and didn’t enjoy the emphasis on clickers. I am so happy i joined Pupford Academy as it’s helped me better understand my dog’s behaviors, provide more enrichment, and fix a few problem areas. Highly recommend!



I rescued my pup, Frankie, back at the beginning of the pandemic. I wanted to start training ASAP, but all in-person training facilities were closed due to COVID. I found Pupford and we haven't looked back! Over the past 9-months, we've done basic obedience, trick training (Spin & Bow are his favorites!) and we've worked on specific behaviors like recall and leash walking. He's come so far in such a short amount of time! I've learned a TON from the Pupford Academy - they do a great job explaining the whys and hows behind their training philosophy. Obviously, watching the videos alone won't do much. But if you follow along as suggested and put in the time to work with your pup, you won't be disappointed!



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