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7 Day Recall Challenge

When it comes to training your dog, consistency is key. This Recall Challenge will help you do the following: -Practice the basics of recall and lay a strong foundation -Train your dog to come back to you in a variety of different environments with different distractions -Play fun games with your pup to help encourage them to come when called This challenge has 7 days worth of activities in video format to help teach your dog a reliable recall. Plus, a bonus day, and what comes next!

This challenge is split up into seven days, with an accompanying video (and text recap) for each day. Over the course of seven days you will slowly work on increasing the 3Ds (duration, distraction, distance) to improve your dog's recall. You will get a combination of challenges and games to keep your dog engaged, improve your bond, and teach them to come when called!

This course is taught by the Traci Madson, CPDT-KA dog trainer


Teach Your Dog to Come When Called


Play Fun Games


Easy-to-follow Format

Calling your dog’s name and them not coming to you (or worse, blatantly ignoring you) can be extremely frustrating (and dangerous for your pup)! With the help of the Recall Challenge, you can work on a more reliable recall with your dog in seven days! In this challenge, you will start by working on recall in low distraction environments and work your way up to higher distraction environments. Plus, we will share games that can help improve your dog's recall.

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