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Separation Anxiety Course


If you seem to always be coming home to destruction, accidents, and other issues when you leave your pup alone, you need this course! Even if you aren't sure if it's true Separation Anxiety or just "bad behavior", in this course we will help answer that question. And more importantly, we'll help you overcome those problems in a safe and humane way! In this course, we'll cover topics like: -Training your dog to enjoy being left alone -Helping make leaving a calmer experience -Understanding the facts about separation anxiety and more!

This is a Video-Style Course. Each section has a video with accompanying text recaps. This course also includes quizzes and a downloadable PDF.

Amber Aquart CPDT-KA

-CPDT-KA with almost 10 years of experience -Runs Pawsitive Development Dog Training -Loves helping dog live more engaging and enriching lives -Enjoys traveling, hiking, and exploring with her husband and dogs


Understand the truth behind separation anxiety


Humanely overcome separation anxiety challenges


Quizzes & PDF to assess knowledge

The Separation Anxiety Course will help you do the following: ➡ Learn if your dog's behavior is Separation Anxiety or just boredom/FOMO ➡ Take steps to avoid new or more anxiety in your pup (perfect if you're about to be leaving your pup alone after months of quarantine) ➡ Understand how Separation Anxiety affects our dogs ➡ Record and track your dog's progress with effective and humane steps to overcome Separation Anxiety

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