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Snuffle Mat


Snuffle MatSnuffle Mat 2-Pack

If your dog is anxious, needs something to keep them busy, or just wants some fun nose work, then this Snuffle Mat is for you. Here’s why you’ll love these Snuffle Mats ⤵️ -Help reduce boredom and destructive behaviors -Keep your dog busy and avoid boredom -Works your dog’s mind & nose, even during meal times

18.5" x 12.5".

How to Use

STEP 1- Grab your Snuffle Mat and sprinkle treats or food all throughout STEP 2- Tell your dog to wait and then place the mat on the ground STEP 3- Release your dog to forage and find all of the snacks inside of the Snuffle Mat

How to Clean

Can be washed in a washing machine (gentle cycle) and air-dried.


Reduce Problem Behaviors


Encourage Dog's Food Drive


Perfect for Puppies, Adults & Senior Dogs

A Snuffle Mat is an easy-to-use brain game that helps exercise your dog's mind and keep them busy! Think of it as a treasure hunt for your dog 😃 When used correctly, Snuffle Mats help tap into your dog's food drive and keep them happy and distracted. You can use that food desire to redirect problem behaviors or just as a fun activity!

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Suggested Training

22 activities to engage your dog's mind & keep them busy.

With these Enrichment Activities, you'll have access to 22 activities that will help keep your dog engaged, improve their confidence, and help decrease problem behaviors.


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My Boston terrier puppy loves this mat! He is not a big fan of eating out of his bowl yet or staying focused on eating. This mat provides him with an engaging way to eat. He loves to snuffle around on it and enjoys finding all the pieces. It's a way to keep him occupied as well. I like how I can make it difficult by burying the food or make it less difficult and leave the food lying on the top. He loves it either way!



We live on 10 acres and our 5 month old golden retriever pup loves to forage on our walks, sometimes getting into things he shouldn't. The snuffle mat gives him a safe alternative to forage for his treats. He loves it and gets excited when I bring it out. My husband wishes we had an entire rug of snuffle mats! It would certainly keep our pup occupied!



Our 13 week old Australian Mountain Doodle LOVES this mat. I pour his kibble on the mat and work the treats down into the shags. He has to work for his dinner and jumps for joy while I am preparing. What a great item this has been for us!!



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